Clint Eastwood Has An Empty Chair; Chuck Norris Has 1,000 Years Of Darkness

Chuck Norris is warning of the coming of a new Dark Age, but not one brought about by he snuffing out the sun by chucking ice cubes at it or some other superhuman feat. Norris can do things like that, just Google his name and see for yourself.

No, he won’t be causing “1000 years of darkness,” rather apathetic Americans who choose not to turn out on Election Day to assure that Barack Obama is a one-term president will. Among those Norris wants to see help send the president packing are  evangelical Christians. Obama won in 2008 because more than 30 million Christians didn’t vote, according to Chuck.

His lovey wife, Gena, helps him out with the video, which was released over the weekend:

The “1,000 years of darkness,” quote originates from Reagan’s 1964 “A Time for Choosing” speech in support of Barry Goldwater. Some might accuse Mr. and Mrs. Norris of being a little hyperbolic with such a dire prediction of what might come with a second Obama presidency.

That’s because many people have trouble seeing past their noses and are ignorant of history. Many don’t realize what an anomaly the United States is and how fragile the freedoms we have are. Throughout most of history, the largest portion of humanity was ruled by a small elite who believed they knew what was better—Obama types, if you will. The notion that individuals are best equipped to make their own life decisions, sink or swim, is very American and very unique in the annals of human experience.

If we let freedom slip away, it might be a long, long time before we get it back again—if ever.

To borrow another couple of quotes from Reagan, “Those who have known freedom and then lost it have never known it again.” and “If we lose freedom here, there is no place to escape to. This is the last stand on earth.”

We sit on a precipice in which we can begin to climb back toward the spirit of individual achievement that made us a “shining city on a hill” or fall into a European-style socialist abyss. With the debt that we are bound to get and the liberties we are bound to lose in second Obama term, a 1,000 years of darkness seems about right.

With the likes of Chuck Norris and Clint Eastwood on our side, though, I’m felling pretty confident about warding off a new Dark Age.

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