Deja Vu All Over Again

When Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris hit consecutive home runs in two separate instances, Yogi Berra said: “It’s like déjà vu all over again”. Déjà vu is feeling a new situation has occurred before. It was a comical statement by a man noted for his mangled metaphor and agonized allegory. It’s not funny watching history repeating itself. Washington isn’t heeding indications war looms on the horizon.

In 1941, Franklin Roosevelt was aware the Japanese were positioned to mount an attack United States and British bases in the Pacific. Military Officers such as Billy Mitchell spoke out and suffered politically and professionally for criticizing the refusal to address issues they brought before Congress and the President. Soon they were proven right.

Roosevelt, wanting to enter the war but, facing stiffening opposition from a war weary population after World War I (they called it The Great War. They never believed anything so brutal could happen again). Roosevelt tiptoed around the issues with England and offered armament and support to England in the “Lend-Lease Act”. No troops were dedicated. When Pearl Harbor was attacked everybody was shocked and appalled. We entered the war on December the 8th: after over 2000 service members were killed brutally.

Flash forward.

It was learned during “Iran-gate”, from testimony given by Colonel Oliver North (prior to this in 1987-89), that a man named Osama bin Laden was behind the financing and activation of plans to attack American interests.

February 26th, 1993: a car bomb exploded in the underground parking garage in New York City. Six people died; a thousand people were injured. It was determined after the fact that plots and plans developed to kill the Pope and bomb at least 15 airliners in a two day period. In 1998 U.S. Embassies in Tanzania and Kenya were bombed. President Clinton (after going through a period of great personal angst) sent a misguided missile into a remote Muslim encampment coming nowhere near to getting bin Laden.

There was “squawk” (intelligence chatter) indicating activity being planned to hurt American interests again. It was monitored. It was inspected and collated to test the weight and validity of the intelligence. It was juggled and messed with until September 11th.

On September 11th 2001, the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center collapsed after being struck by airliners piloted by MUSLIM FANATIC TERRORISTS. As the smoke rose above New York the apologists circled the corpses of the victims.

This is “déjà vu all over again”, but it isn’t funny. This column won’t speculate on “plots and conspiracies”. It will state a belief in stupid, incompetent leadership both then and now causing the American deaths here and abroad.

Clinton blew it while playing house with Monica and refusing to understand his faulty foreign policy wasn’t working. Bush blew it by not paying close enough attention to credible evidence concerning militant Muslim threats while he literally held hands with the Sheikh of Saudi Arabia, a personal, long-time family friend.

Now, Obama, a noted student of and “former” adherent of Islam, spends his time apologizing for Islamic attempts at destroying our embassies and outposts across the world. He and his cabinet continually speak about Islam NOT being to blame for the acts of a “few” militant factions. “America is not, and will never be at war with Islam”, he once said.

But Islam is at war with America.

Like any religion there are dangerous fundamentalist elements. But, in Islam, the entire religion advocates the overthrow and enslavement of those not following Allah and Mohammed. Islam states that women are the husband’s property. Islam demands infidels must be subjugated then taxed and/or killed if they won’t convert. Nobody that’s ever read the Koran can deny any of this. Islam demands the eradication of Israel and the Jewish people. Islam authorizes these acts though they’re recognized worldwide as being unacceptable to modern society. Islamic fundamentalist hatred of all things NOT Islamic creates this problem.

This has happened over and over again. People reject what’s before their faces. There’s a clear and present danger before us. Islam and the apologist Beaurat Obama are the threat. Deal with it!

Thanks for listening.

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