Glenn Beck’s Alternative Benghazi Theory

He says, and it’s obvious he’s right, that it’s absolutely ludicrous to describe the Benghazi massacre as a protest of a YouTube video that got out of hand.

Nobody seriously believes that, and while Beck hints at all kinds of larger implications of that YouTube video and what we’re doing to its maker, plus this business with the blind sheikh and the Muslim Brotherhood’s connections both in Egypt and elsewhere – including here – that it’s too depressing and scary to even think about right now, we can all agree that for the Obama administration and the State Department to be selling this “protest gone wrong” business stinks to high heaven.

Clearly something else is going on that’s more complicated than “protest gone wrong.”

Beck has another idea, and naturally it involves the CIA and gun-running. He’s Glenn Beck; you’d expect nothing less. But as off the rails as what he says seems, he’s probably right in that it might be closer to the truth than the “protest gone wrong” thing. Our guess is that the truth probably involves a lot less CIA skullduggery and a lot more blatant incompetence, but either way the administration is flat-out lying to us when they attempt to sell us the idea we’ve got a dead ambassador because some guy in California busted his probation and made the Islamic version of Life of Brian on YouTube.

Beck’s video (a link in case the embed won’t load)…

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