It’ll Never Change

Much of what we experience is due to the actions of others. How we’re seen is a matter of their interpretation as well. If we’re appreciated, we’re exalted. If not, we’re vilified. Simple logic applied on a simple subject.

But, when we look at the past few years’ events we must see there are people interpreting what they see based on skewed and misdirected vision. There will always be ulterior motives for any action taken. People use each other for the comforting of their insecurities. Alliances are built, developed and deconstructed on the needs of the moment moreso than on the propriety and true strength of the bond.

Our political alliances in the Middle East have always been schizophrenic. This is based in the fact, since 1948, we’ve been supporters of Israel based on our Eurocentric beginnings and our guilt for taking  so long to recognize the Nazi genocide of millions of Jews. We also have a heavy, well-funded Jewish population using their economic impact to guide American foreign policy in directions they find most important.

Where we support and stand by Israel from the basis of our guilt fueled by economic pressures and realities, we also support certain Arab regimes based on their production and supply of petro-chemicals to our economy. Alliances were formed after World War I with Abdul Aziz Ibn Saud. Under the Regency of Ibn Saud, Saudi Arabia was created. Ibn Saud captured Riyadh, his ancestral home in 1902 when he began consolidating and unifying his power base into ONE nation.

The Saudi Arabian government is an absolute monarchy. Its system of government is Islamic but allows the interaction of business entities on their particularly modified, self-determinate and petroleum powered base. Saudis are pragmatic if nothing else. Saudi Arabia has the world’s second largest oil reserves  accounting for more than 95% of exports and 70% of government revenue. It also controls the world’s sixth largest natural gas reserves.

As Saudi Arabia is an absolute monarchy counter-balanced by their monetary and economic pragmatism, we have a tenuous connection with them. The only thing keeps the Saudi Caliphate in place is the superiority of their military ability to subdue dissent and the financial gigantism they present to the world based on their oil reserves. They work with us from a position of control because they supply us with the specific grades of oil necessary for us to produce petro-chemicals as easily, and cheaply, as we can.

Many in the Arab world outside of Saudi influence see America as The Great Satan. This was a term coined by the Ayatollah Khomeini as he took over Iran in 1979. It states his political belief based on our Constitutional government being of an infidel nature because we don’t follow Islam religiously, socially or politically. His fanaticism has been the guiding principle causing most of the west’s problems in the area. His hatred of all things American and European is without limits. His Islamic fundamentalism was, and is, solidified and thus, unimaginatively powerful.

European and American cultures have extended the conditional hand of friendship to Arab people for one and only one reason: easy access to oil reserves. Our pragmatism has never been lost on the Arabs. They don’t like it. They see their position defined by events playing out in 1948 i.e. the birth of the free nation of Israel. This led to the removal of lands from native Palestinians and the takeover by the Israeli government.

There is no great love between the Arab world and the west. It’s always been a tenuous hold we have on the handshake we offer the Arab world. And it’s always been a shaky foundation we’ve built our interests on with these people. We’re opportunists believing we can work with anybody regardless of their religio-political beliefs. It’s business; nothing personal.

The Arabs believe there is but one way and that’s through Islam. It’s validated for them in their scripture. It’s solidified for them in their being. It’s intractable and inflexible in its application and IT WILL NEVER CHANGE. As long as Islam exists, there will be NO peace with Israel or the west.

Understand this.

Thanks for listening.

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