Once More Into The Breach

The election looms before us. Will we go maintain a government stalled by the inertia of egoists’ personal weaknesses, or will we gather ourselves together as men and women with integrity? Will we accept our circumstances as being “as good as it gets” or will we take this sullen, surly mare’s reins and move our nation back onto the path of greatness we once travelled?

We’re a nation at war with itself. The warring factions are stuck in their ideology and their refusal to do what we command. They believe they alone direct the path of government. They’re monarchists ruling from positions removed from the dangers of this battle. But, they demand the real warriors, the middle class citizens pull them to victory. The monarchists claim victory and enjoy the fruits of our labors; and losses.

It’s a time to assess what’s happened. We’ve let our government escape our control and made it profitable for charlatans to claim greater and greater rewards. They’ve subverted and cuckolded us to gain the self-serving pleasures they crave at our expense. It must stop. We can make it stop now.

As Americans we can choose Obama and his comrades’ dogmatic pretensions and delusions of personal grandeur; or we can return to the roots of American Exceptionalism we were noted for over centuries. We can continue with a “do-nothing” Congress or we can “re-elect nobody” and start with a clean slate; a slate on which we’ll write the course of our future and our children’s future.

Never before has the American dream of success through capitalist labor and understanding a nation is built on the integrity of its citizens and its government been in such jeopardy. Never before has the call to arms been for the knowledge of such a clear and present danger. Never before has our country been wounded so badly at the tip of the self-directed blade, cutting us so deeply, wounding us so severely. We must stop this self-punitive cutting and recognize we deserve better.

Our choices are few: we can accept the Obama’s and the Democrats’ theory the state, the government of the people, by the people and for the people is no more; that it as a government would rather carry us and make us dependent on their self-defined almighty wisdom than to allow us to walk, explore and decide what’s best for ourselves. This is the slave master’s mindset exercising his responsibility to shoulder his “white man’s burden” to elevate us savages above our ignorance and away from our freedoms. That false “largesse” is the tip of the blade cutting us.

Obama’s administration is a slave to its own ego. It’s a body constructed on the façade of Americanism subverted by Marxist’s theories seeking to remove personal successes from the individual and move the people in a collectivist, socialist direction assuring nobody prospers or grows.

Don’t believe it? Check ANY socialist/communist nation’s history. See if ANY of them approached the success afforded its citizens that free enterprise and capitalism helped them gain from their labors. They failed or suffered a stunted presence in comparison to the history they shared.

America’s hemorrhaging from self-inflicted wounds of apathy and disinterest. We’ve taken self-destructive complacency to a new, more dangerous height than ever before. Our dormant patriotic identity is tattered and shredded for our lack of practice. We’re torn, but not wasted; yet.

‘Once more unto the breach’ – is from Shakespeare’s Henry V. This breach in question concerns our government as it should be practiced and how it’s perpetrated against us now. We’re under siege from powers seeking to destroy us from within. Henry encouraged his troops to attack the city again, even if they have to ‘close the wall with English dead’. We must attack that which will fundamentally change the America we know.

America can be saved by people voting with all the facts they have at hand; not merely those given them by personally chauvinist opportunistic oligarchs. We can save her by paying attention to the ideals and practices made her great. We must address the issues, not the advertised bloviated hope for changes bad for us.

Thanks for listening.

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