Rebuilding America From The Ground Up?

You may have seen the Democrat election ad currently on TV.  Ex-President Bill Clinton can be heard promising, “Barack Obama has a plan to rebuild America from the ground up.”  This might be the most honest thing you will hear in a political ad this season.  Certainly the most honest thing you will hear from Bill Clinton.

Think hard about this.  It expresses the view of the Democrat party.  “Barack Obama has a plan to rebuild America from the ground up.”  Can you imagine what this country would look like after being “rebuilt from the ground up” in the vision of Barack Obama?  Would you even recognize a country “rebuilt” with the values of our current President.

We know what his values are.  Not from what he promises, but from what he has done.  He spent his first months squandering the stimulus funds on green energy projects and the unionized government sector, enriching his buddies.

The next three years he ignored jobs and the spiraling economy and obsessed on Obama care.  Don’t think for a minute that the purpose of Obama care was to extend health care to the poor. Reduce medical costs?  Get Real.  Obama care is designed to put the government in control of the entire medical system.  Where do you want the IRS agent to stand when you get your next prostate or OB/Gyn exam?

In his spare time, Obama has issued Executive Orders and Cabinet level policies that increase government regulation and the overall size and scope of the executive branch of government.  Amnesty to illegal immigrants, suing the states for protecting their citizens and their voting booths, attempts by his EPA to restrict the energy industry, skewing the auto bailout to favor the unions and hybrids, pressuring religious institutions to betray their beliefs, etc., etc.

Think about the changes of the past 3 ½ years.  Is this the blueprint you want to follow to tear apart the greatest country in history and “Rebuild it from the ground up”?

In 2008, Obama promised “Fundamental Change.” He just shoved the appetizer down your throat.  Open wide!!

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