Romney Goes On Cavuto To Defend The 47 Percent Comments

This segment goes about nine minutes, and it’s largely a restatement of Romney’s campaign themes as they relate to what he said at that Florida fundraiser back in May. He doesn’t apologize or walk those comments back, other than to say – and not as forcefully as we’d like to see him say it – that he wasn’t talking about senior citizens as part of the “lost” 47 percent. We’d like for him to say “I doubt people who’ve paid taxes all their adult lives and are now retired see themselves as moochers, and from what I know I can say with some comfort that we don’t regard those people as part of Obama’s voter base. If they see themselves that way, they probably are in that 47 percent but that’s not who I was talking about and the folks in the room didn’t take it that way.”

Other than that, not half bad. It doesn’t appear that this fracas has had the effect on Romney that Obama’s cheerleading squads in the legacy media have been predicting, either.

As it turns out, Mother Jones released two videos which purport to show the entire Romney appearance at that Florida fundraiser, though they clearly don’t. The cutoff of the first video, which ends at the same place the “47 percent” clip ends, doesn’t match up with the beginning of the second video where Romney is talking about China. The guess here is that since the first video goes 18 minutes and the second goes 31 minutes, the camera didn’t cut out – Romney probably said something about electoral strategy and pursuing that 47 percent that Jimmy Carter’s grandson and his confederates either on the production side or on the distribution side of the video didn’t think was beneficial to show the public.

All that said, the video of the appearance actually makes Romney come off quite well. He’s quite eloquent in explaining why his campaign isn’t as rambunctious or hard-nosed in its criticism of Obama – independent voters who voted for Obama four years ago get turned off when you call him a socialist and a failure, because it makes them feel like the folks saying it are accusing them of being stupid to vote for him in 2008. He demonstrates that he understands foreign policy a heck of a lot better than Obama ever will. He’s passionate about creating wealth and that comes across in the appearance – largely because he’s among people who also understand it and he doesn’t have to be on his guard about the fact he made a lot of money (and the fact that’s even possible in America is depressing, and shows how critical it is that Romney wins in November).

In all, the guess here is the media isn’t going to harp on this for very long because it won’t have the effect they think it will. Obama may run ads off this, but they probably won’t move the needle any more than the Bain Capital attacks did.

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