The Party Of Choice

A lot of Democrats at the convention in Charlotte have been telling us how important choice is this week.

Zach Weissmueller of Reason TV wanted to find out just how pro-choice Democrats really are, so he decided to ask a few delegates some questions about leaving folks alone to make their own decisions. It turns out that Democrats are strongly pro-choice, as long as people make the right choices—meaning the choices that they want them to make.

If not, they will force them to make the right choices—whether it’s what and how much people eat, smoke, drink, pay in union dues or what light bulbs they can buy.

Above all, people should never be allowed to make choices that could adversely affect their health. That just wouldn’t be right. There are never any health issues with abortion—physiologically or psychologically—so they are cool. People should only be allowed to make choices that have good results, like abortions.

We are even treated to a pro-choice delegate from Louisiana with the same old tired teachers union talking points about school choice. You see, parents—through no fault of their own—are “unable to understand the education system” and need people like Joyce Haynes and Steve Monaghan to explain why their kids are morons.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the party of choice:

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