VIDEO: The Peoria Carp Hunters

Y’all know about this Asian Carp deal?

A while back, some coo-yan in Arkansas brought in these fish from China or somewheres because he thought they’d clean his catfish ponds.

And then it flooded, or somethin’, and what had been in his catfish ponds all of a sudden ended up in the Mississippi River. Call it the Great Escape if you want.

Naturally, now there are carp all over the place. Turns out they’re really bad for the ecosystem; they breed like you wouldn’t believe and an asian carp will get like 40 percent of its body weight in plankton a day. And when they do that, before long everything else in the river starves to death from the carp freakin’ up the food chain.

They say the Illinois River is just covered in ’em. Some kinda way they took the place over and it’s like Madison Square Garden was in that Godzilla movie Ferris Bueller was in. The folks up there are scared out of their minds that they’re gonna get into Lake Michigan and once that happens you can kiss the sport fishing there, which is huge business, bye-bye.

And the thing about these stupid fish is that you can’t go out in a boat when they’re around. They get a load of a motor in the water and they go kookoobananas. As in, they jump out of the water and fly all over the place like little (and sometimes not-so-little, since a carp can go 40 pounds easy) guided missiles.

It’s really unbelievable. Here, here’s what it looks like.

So anyway, these rednecks – yes, they have rednecks in Illinois – have figured out that with material like that and some garage engineering, they can come up with all kinds of ways to make a sport out of wasting Carp Attackers. Which naturally will give coronaries to the People Eating Tasty Animals types, but then again when the victims are an invasive species that involve an agribusiness project gone horribly wrong…

I think I oughta shaddap now.

Anyway, they put it on YouTube, naturally. Which is what you do with stuff like this.


This one’s even better.

Credit for this one goes to Aunt T-Jen, who knows all about YouTubes and everything else in the film biz. And carp.

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