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Jihad (n) (1.) Islam: holy war ordained by Allah, against infidels undertaken by Muslims in defense of the Islamic faith (2) Islam: the personal struggle of the individual believer against evil and persecution  The Koran teaches soldiers who die in jihad go to heaven immediately
– World English Dictionary

Kitman (Arabic-“secrecy, concealment”): the act of paying lip service to authority while holding personal opposition. It is a sort of political camouflage, for the purpose of survival, in circumstances where open opposition would result in persecution.
– Wikipedia 2012

Okay. So let’s see if I have this correct. Barack Obama was the step-son of an Indonesian Muslim in the 1960s and early 70s. He was instructed in the Muslim faith in Indonesian schools and at home. He was accepted as (at least) an apt student of this religion. He is believe to be of above average intelligence and is a graduate of Columbia and Harvard. He was (in campaign literature) a successful lawyer and community organizer.

So why can’t this moron get it through his head the Islamists are conducting Jihad against America and any they believe to be infidel non-believers?

Answer: Because he’s practicing Taqiyya and Kitman.

People will say that Kitman, as described and defined above, is a necessary and standard mode of operation for ALL politicians around the world. It’s arguable a person can’t succeed in politics unless they exhibit certain aspects of subterfuge and select their words for the best effect. They say what they think will be effective and leave out what they feel is bad for them. For politicians: “the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth” doesn’t happen often and is actually a detriment in many cases.

Why do we accept this? Why is it a “given” a politician must work from a lower moral gradient to get a job done? When will we see we must take our government back? Why have we accepted men and women as “leaders” when they’re not worthy of leading a rat pack off of a cliff? The rats show better sense.

Obama’s a liar. All you must do is list his campaign promises then total his failures to deliver and you see where he’s incapable of telling the truth. He lies when the truth works as is exhibited in this verbal colonic discharge he’s delivering concerning the Ambassador’s death in Libya. If he personally admits he knows it was planned and executed with military precision; then he’s caught in another lie and this type of exposure on the world stage would simply make him spit (sic) his drawers.

Obama thinks he’s using Kitman to deflect attention from his appeasement and apologist stance toward Islam. Even if he’s not a practitioner of Islam, he’s highly conversant with Islamist policies and procedures for world domination under Islam. Go back to the original question:  “why can’t this moron get it through his head the Islamists are executing Jihad against America and any Infidel nations they believe to be infidel non-believers”?

He IS aware and wants us to believe not all Muslims believe in Jihad. Okay. Ask the question again and substitute the word “these” for “this” and “their” for “his” concerning fundamentalist Islamists. Answer: because they’re not morons. They’re sneaky, nasty, murderous, genocidal thugs sending children into marketplaces dressed in home-brewed Semtex  (high explosives) and thumb-tapping detonators so they can get a rich reward for their families after they martyr themselves in Mohammed’s call for Jihad.

They have no conscience. It’s a holy obligation of all Muslims as stated in 164 individual tracts of Qur’anic scripture the devout MUST conduct Jihad against the infidels. They’ll be rewarded in heaven for their sacrifice in the name of Allah. The devout believe without question. The dead aren’t rewarded for their innocent piety.

Obama thinks he can control the genie he’s let out of the lamp for personal gain. He’s got a better chance of slapping a lip-lock on a ticked-off cobra and not getting bitten. But the cobra telegraphs his intent right out in the open. Obama’s hiding in the snake’s shadow, like the lice he more closely resembles.

Watch the snake.

Thanks for listening.

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