dilate v: to expand or cause to expand; make or become wider or larger; the pupil of the eye dilates in the dark
– World English Dictionary

di·lute v: to make thinner or weaker by the addition of water or the like. (2) to make fainter, as a color (3) to reduce the strength, force or efficiency of by admixture
– Dictionary.com

Illegal Immigration, more popularly described by liberals as the “Undocumented Alien Question”, has conducted its necrotizing (rotting) assault on domestic politics for years. The liberals want to “salt the mine”, through amnesty, with electorate numbers derived from people having no right to vote other than their presence on this side of the border. We have no more recognition of that right than their say-so they’re citizens. When you have an artificially dilated voter base you might not recognize its impact on the rest of the organism.

Look at the first definition and its example: the pupil of the eye dilates in the dark. The more dilation you allow, the more light can be accepted so you can see. This appears wonderful on first examination. But there are instances when allowing too much light (such as staring at the sun directly) or when you concentrate the light to a potent concentration, such as when looking directly into a Laser’s light source, can be dangerous.

LASER stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.  Viewed directly they can kill sight by burning the retina.

The Democratic Party regularly (under its insulting paternalistic, patronizing and patrician guise of pushing Civil Rights interpretations as a way to ensure Equal Opportunity) seeks to grant amnesty to those already in violation of the Sovereign Right of the United States to protect itself from any form of illegal invasion violent or benign. Liberals say illegals aren’t in violation of Criminal Law. They say illegals are merely in violation of Civil Law because they’re not filing entry paperwork to cross national borders.

So, if we follow this logic, England’s Invasion of America in 1812 was merely a violation of Civil Law. Was the armed incursion and assault against Texas towns by Pancho Villa an act of war or a simple political admonition of Civil Discourse? Both actions violated a sovereign nation’s right to be safe within its borders. They were acts seeking to remove us from our land and self-determination by armed assault.

When does a benign but insidious action such as unilateral acceptance (amnesty) of illegality and its forgiveness approach removing us (as citizens of a sovereign nation) from our right to self-determination when the criminal or civil acts of defiance committed by people with NO standing in the equation dilute the electorate artificially?

Look at the second definition. The three declarative, descriptive exemplars all point to a weakening of the original element by the addition of foreign elements. This creates a less potent mixture of self-serving value. And in that self-serving value there’s the danger of NOT being effective in the end result.

Think of it this way: the addition of water to many situations can have a beneficial effect. It puts out fires. Heated sufficiently, it becomes steam and can propel boats and trains. But, take the same water and throw a gallon of it onto a grease fire and you’ll have a conflagration jeopardizing all it comes into contact with.

Rules and laws (both Civil and Criminal were developed to create an over-arching cover of societal safety as a whole. Continually violating the safety values of laws designed for the majority to allow favoritism designed to serve a selfish political agenda isn’t only wrong; it’s dangerous.

Robert Burns meant no harm when he started plowing; but he tore up a mouse’s den with his blade. Later the great Scottish Poet wrote: “The best-laid schemes o’ mice an’ men gang aft agley” (often turn to crud) We could have nothing left but grief instead of the promised harvest when we tilled the soil. We could lose our national identity.

Democrats appear to prefer we be seen as a second rate Greece or Mexico than as a strong and recognizably great United States of America.

Thanks for listening.

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