Finding The Signs

Recently, I spoke with one of my best friends (who I’ll refer to as Bartholomew) who’s also a successful businessman operating on a stage having interests in the Middle East. He said he was once involved in a venture with others to develop business interests in the petro-chemical industry. He expected his “partners” were aware of the particulars concerning partnering with certain venture capital entities seeking to finance their (his) project.

He believed his partners were professional and kept their finger on the pulse of world activities because they were investing and/or handling other people’s money and intellectual property in these projects. As the rights to manufacture and distribution of my friend’s commodity (intellectual property) meant he was granting or selling the rights to manufacture and sell chemical formulae used in the petro-chemical industry, Bartholomew believed his agents and advisors were at least aware of the political platform the “money lenders” operated from.

The fact was the agents and advisors had NO understanding about the people they were playing with. All they saw was the money. They had NO idea they were playing in an unstable sand-box owned, operated and controlled by Arab interests adhering to rules to be understood as potentially (?) hostile to Bartholomew because he’s NOT a Muslim. He’s a devout Christian. And that fact folks doesn’t bode well for non-Muslim businesses contracting with Islamist interests.

Bartholomew instructed his agents to cancel the deal with the Arab associated Venture Capital company over the protests of his “partners” because the money was available and closer to having a check written and then exchanged. It meant they must find new investors with fewer problems attached to the fine print stated, or as in this case unstated, in any contract. These business “professionals” were instructed to research the word “Dhimmitude” as it pertains to Islamic culture.

The word comes from the Arabic word meaning protected. Dhimmi was applied by Arab-Muslim conquerors to non-Muslim populations under “treaty” after domination. Key words are: treaty (contract), conqueror (Islamist contracting with the conquered), conquered (Bartholomew) during the unstated, undefined but understood successful completion of Jihad (war/negotiations-against unbelievers i.e. Bartholomew). It covers the relationship between Muslims and non-Muslims at all levels including economic and business levels. Dhimmi is an integrated system susceptible to and ONLY responsible to Sharia Law and is irrespective of any other circumstances, political contingencies or courts.

Bartholomew understood this but his agents had NO clue.

Dhimmi assures the protection of commercial superiority (in negotiations) of the Arab interests and the inferiority of the Infidel (non-believer) because Muslims MAY NOT negotiate with Infidels. They are allowed to abrogate (set aside) any treaty or contract not respecting the superiority of  their interests to be put to trial before an Islamic, Sharia Law Court. This would be hostile to infidels and specifically pro-Muslim. Bartholomew could get ripped off for his intellectual property and have NO court of last resort trying the facts of the case because Sharia Law will ALWAYS find in favor of the Muslim.

After his agents did their “homework” they expressed dismay at not knowing of the strictures of Sharia Law and the dangers of developing contracts and treaties with adherents to this archaic legal system. They found better and more appropriate funding sources.

So what’s the lesson? Simply put, if people involved in the day to day transfer of trillions of dollars world-wide and the funding of businesses and international commerce don’t know and understand the alliance of and allegiances to a religio/political system prejudiced in favor of their brethren and Islamist adherents; how can the average citizen hope to understand and stand against being ripped off by a system weighted against them?

They can’t.

I once asked the question makes the point for me. It was this: how do the blind know how and where to find the Braille signage necessary to tell them where specific services are?

The answer? They must be told where the sign is. Then they can decide where to go from there.

Understand the signs are there. You must ask where they are, decide what you’ll do and then act on that knowledge.

Thanks for listening.

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