Hillary The Trouper

Miz Hillary is hoping nobody will remember in 2016, that she’s taking the blame for being Beaurat Obama. She’s his sharpest tool claiming responsibility for the lack of attention paid cohesive intelligence saying there was evidence an attack was imminent. She’s throwing herself on her sword and taking one for Team Obama.

Ain’t she a trouper? Yes, that’s spelled right. Trouper i.e.: somebody who’s a member of a group of traveling entertainers and who’s been involved in the theater for many years especially as an actor or entertainer. (Microsoft 2012) This is as opposed to Trooper where she’d be a member of a cavalry unit. Her performance as a member would only be apropos if we consider the output left on the ground after this mare passes in review. In the sense she’s full of manure it could be said she’s a trooper.

Forget the heroes lost their lives while in Libya and you have this comedy of errors called the Obama Administration Apology Delivery and Kowtow Presentation Troup masquerading as foreign policy. It’s a joke with no discernible punch-line. Cast members can die during their performances.

Somebody had to take this shot. Obama’s flagging in the election home-stretch and he CAN’T accept responsibility for this dismal failure in the Middle East. (Obama rejects accepting responsibility for ANYTHING occurring during his administration.) Therefore he’s hauled out this doyen (leading figure) of the progressive establishment and sacrifices her to the knives last seen during the Ides of March.

She’s positioning herself for 2016 where her loving hubby, Billy the Dog, can push her toward her own presidency because the Democratic Party places him up there with others having lost their relevance. She’s counting on people forgetting she’s a liar too.

Remember the famous “corkscrew” descent into a Bosnian/Kosovar Airport to avoid Anti-Aircraft rounds during a trip to the region? It turns out some dipstick photographer took pictures of a little girl giving flowers to Miz Hillary while on the tarmac. The child didn’t seem too worried about the alleged assault and Miz Hillary was shown beaming a yellow toothed smile. Miz Hillary thought she’d created a newer, more heroic mythos for herself to reference in the future. The answer when challenged and proven a liar was: “I misspoke.” (Misspoke is the newer, politically correct way to say “you caught me lying.”)

Nobody called her on the fact she did lie. The media accepted she “misspoke” and let it ride.

Now she’s accepting the blame for Ambassador Chris Stevens’ death and the deaths of three other citizens at the same time. But, maybe the gamble isn’t so much for the lie concerning the refusal of adequate security upgrades in personnel numbers and armament. Maybe it concerns the generally recognized fact: this issue is a “live” hand grenade Obama pulled the pin on when his people claimed the murder was a result of violent demonstrations conducted in protest of a YouTube flick.

Now he’s released the “spoon” (making the grenade ready to explode) and handed the grenade to Miz Hilary. Miz Hillary is nothing if not resilient. She accepted second fiddle to Miz Monica and said she’s stood by Billy the Dog because she loved the guy. (Yeah, right!) But, being a trouper, she’ll step to center stage and take it from the rear (a position from which Beaurat works and leads best) so the leader of the free world can continue scrambling for better poll numbers and run his race through battle-ground states without catching anymore much deserved flack.

If Miz Hillary survives this as expected, or if she accepts the Death of a Thousand Cuts delivered by the shrapnel shredding her political history; Obama wins.

If she survives: he’ll continue delivering manure to the people willing to wade through it; or he can watch her political ambitions bleed out to a point where Billy the Dog can’t save her. Either way he gets revenge against the Clintons for daring to challenge his imminent eminence in 2008. He pulled greater injury from her than from McCain and Obama forgets nothing of this sort.

Either way he evades responsibility for his incompetence.

Thanks for listening.

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