In Case You Haven’t Noticed, The Roster Of Speakers At NOIC Is Pretty Impressive

Our readers have by now surely noticed that one of our sponsors is the New Orleans Investment Conference, which might be the single best place to learn how to protect and build your wealth during uncertain markets. It’s going to take place October 24-27 at the Hilton New Orleans Riverside.

Last year’s event was a phenomenal success, and this – a debate between Charles Krauthammer, James Carville and P.J. O’Rourke – was one of the highlights…

That debate is going to be renewed this year, with a slight change – instead of O’Rourke, the organizers have brought in a ringer for the Libertarian side – economic, financial analyst and investor Doug Casey. If you haven’t had a chance to hear Casey offer a defense of the free market, here’s a taste…

But the Krauthammer/Carville/Casey debate, while it might be the most fun this year’s event will offer, is only a little of what’s on tap for the last week of October down in the Big Easy…

They’ve got Sarah Palin.

They’ve got Rick Santelli, that guy from CNBC who fathered the Tea Party after Obama’s bailouts got started.

They’ve got Krauthammer for a speech of his own.

They’ve got Wayne Allyn Root, who’s one of our favorite guys out there.

And they’ve got Peter Schiff. Pretty much everything you need to know about American economics in the age of Obama you can learn from this guy…

Oh, and by the way…they’ve got Dinesh D’Souza, too. Go to the New Orleans Investment Conference and you might get a chance to meet the guy who created one of the best political documentaries of all time, Obama 2016.

That’s a pretty sensational roster, wouldn’t you say? Lots of movers and shakers, lots of terrific speakers, lots of perspective on politics and economics.

You’ll also meet and see people who perhaps you haven’t heard of yet who’ll allow you a more informed perspective on investing and asset protection. And that’s important – because even though we’ve never been more confident that Mitt Romney will send Barack Obama back to Hawaii in January, that won’t necessarily mean money’s going to start growing on trees. We’re heading into another recession, if Schiff isn’t correct that we’re already there, and the market corrections we needed to make in 2008 still haven’t been made. We’re going to need the financial reorganization we had in the early 1980’s at the outset of Ronald Reagan’s first term in order to grow the economy over the long haul the way Reagan did.

Now – there is so much pent-up demand in the economy as a result of four years bouncing along the sea floor that perhaps you’ll see relatively immediate adrenaline flowing. But the last thing you want to do is invest in another bubble. And the information to avoid just that is what the New Orleans Investment Conference can arm you with.

We’ll be there. You should be, too.

Click here to sign up.

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