Integrity, Honor, Valor

Here we sit, stuck in mire. Obama’s in the White House. Islamists are in the cabinetry skulking about and fouling the resources we need to remain controlled and untouched. The American people believe pestilence is something only people in third world countries need fear. One must remember; where these roaches walked they leave a trail of disease; degradation to infect our young and endanger their future.

Obama and his band of miscreants fouled the airwaves for weeks; protesting and lying that the YouTube video was the real reason Libya and Egypt popped their Arab Spring Garlands and started killing our Ambassador and security workers. Obama’s liars and image launderers wouldn’t stop dumping bleach on a nasty bit of information: they knew almost immediately the raids were professionally managed and implemented. That load of bleach led to the reality Obama (and the sycophants employed in the campaign to reelect him) rotted the foundational fabric of this little cover-up so we can see right through the threadbare, fact devoid statements of the Deceiver-in-Chief.

You see, it would look real bad for Obama to be lip-slapping America with his B.S. about having killed Osama bin Laden and then it became common, certain knowledge al Qaeda, Osama bin Laden’s Homicidal Love Child, wasn’t “out of business” as Obama wanted us to believe.

SURPRISE! America’s still in danger! The threat hasn’t gone away! Obama’s done NOTHING to make us safer, more economically secure or accepted with the same respect we had before his integrity challenged carcass took office.

It would be naughty (in his eyes) to attract attention to the fact an incompetent charlatan was infecting the White House. It would be proclaimed “racist” to show the man managed to prove black people can be the equivalence of Caucasians by virtue of the fact he’s reached his personal Peter Principle, or as it’s understood: the employee rose to his level of incompetence. Black people can now be incompetent too. It’s only fair Obama be recognized as such.

Obama has always been angry about being half-white (same as me). But, he’s failed to see his anger may have blinded him to the reality he could’ve been rejected by society not because of his bi-racial status but because he’s a narcissistic, blow-hard; an obstreperous, socially inadequate and noisily aggressive political dilettante needing recognition from acclamation to adoration to definitive despotism and deification.

Clearly, a bad personality is better than his having had no discernible personality at all. And thus, the spoiled brat would be king. Never to be criticized, he sits sulking while his advocates beat us, his whipping boys and girls, just outside his hearing and view so he may be told he should be humane and we should not be harmed. Obama’s the Grand and Glorious Social Experiment where the white man lay down his burden by elevating the half-white man to the throne. This shows the magnanimity of the monarchy when it allows the “lowest” to ascend (for no matter how short a time) while snickering up their sleeves as the fool falls from on high. It takes more than looking regal to wear the crown properly.

So, America loses heroes and suffers fools in high places. TAPS rings out across the Flanders Fields of the world and flags are pressed to tri-corn borders denoting a trinity only fallen warriors define properly: Integrity, Honor, and Valor. They are the vessels exhibiting our drive to excel and show this world that RIGHT makes MIGHT and that lies, fabricated stories and butt-coverage are no more than the threadbare covering of sunshine patriots and Benedict Arnold’s Accursed Brotherhood. Obama’s presence at ANY military related memorial service defiles the memory of the dead.

These traitors and posturing bootlickers in the Congress and White House pale before the light of our warrior’s sacrifice for this land and NOT as Obama once said “in foreign lands, fighting for me.”

They fight for us. They stand for our ideals and they die for the truth they know they represent and Obama can’t even hope to articulate.

Obama knows nothing of Integrity, Honor, Valor; and he never will.

Thanks for listening.

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