Jerks With Smirks

Chris Wallace commented on Joe Biden’s demeanor, and I recall it was evident when Beaurat Obama debated Mitt Romney. Both Biden and Obama behaved as paternalistic, patriarchal and patrician jerks dismissive of what their opponents had to say. They showed it in the smirks and facial tics evident before they launched into uninformed, uninformative, banal, silly, blustering responses to questions asked by the moderator and statements issued by the opponent. It’s this administration’s history as it pertains to the way they treat Americans.

This administration is led by a man believing he’s better at all things than any other. He’s better looking, better schooled and more emblematic of the progress of humanity in recognizing his infallibility. In other words, he and his second-in-demand are fatuous poseurs. An Obama led rescue team couldn’t lead us from a burning building if he had his hand on the door knob. He’d pull instead of following the signage mandating he push. The sign obviously doesn’t understand he knows better.

Obama’s always has been contemptuous of anybody not in lock-step with him and his Progressive agendas. He holds anybody not seeing it his way as misguided, infantile, ignorant and ignoble in their efforts to pass legislation his Obamaist Democrats reject. Anything other than the Democratic Party line is unacceptable. This modus operandi shows anybody NOT having voted for Democratic Party candidates are WITHOUT representation when it comes to foreign policy, fiscal/economic issues and domestic legislative referenda. You can’t get anything done because Harry Reid won’t let it happen in the Senate. When the she-witch of the Golden State was Speaker of the House we got garbage like the Affordable  Care Act impolitely rammed “where the sun don’t shine” without substantive debate and disclosure of what the bill covered and demanded of the American people.

Some people were righteously chapped at the idea Joe Biden was impolite and openly contemptuous of Paul Ryan. This isn’t anything new. Joe Biden has the intellect of a pomegranate seed but he has the stamina of a brick wall when it comes to diversion and disruption of conservative legislation. He can stall and bloviate with greater impact (meaning it’s so blatant he doesn’t know what he’s saying and how it’ll be interpreted) than any other warthog challenging the oppositions bulldogs seeking to take him down.

Check out the fact everybody is talking about his (mis)behavior in the debate. Doesn’t this indicate he’s distracted the narrative and the course of discourse on this matter? Where’s the in depth coverage of him having said nothing substantive? Where’s the discussion about his obvious misrepresentation of facts concerning the Libyan Debacle? Where is the scathing commentary concerning the lack of honesty where it applies to substantive statements of the Democratic leadership as to what their solutions are to these problems?  Where is the objectively stated demand to be and remain on topic and provide answers to questions asked?

They don’t exist because the controversy of the performance is the equivalence of “if it bleeds it leads”. The national Press Corpse has solidified in place like a Medusa stricken victim where they should be getting the real story and reporting the facts as news. The Press Corpse is ideologically dead in the water; accepting what’s sensational and constructible as controversy to ensure they sell papers, advertising and air-time to the masses eating up the hullabaloo like reality-shows having no sense of propriety. The polemicists think by titillating people’s prurient senses they can “win” their hearts and minds because they’ve artificially hit their pleasure centers.

Really it’s no more than a circular effort to manually stimulate responses prove mutually beneficial. They get off on being a part of the action; players in the background, kingmakers whispering into the Dauphin’s ear while hoping to socially climb while gaining notoriety and influence with the Clown Prince’s ascension to the throne.

The Jerks with the Smirks have done it again. They’ve diverted the observations and controversy to a different track and in doing this, made sure you can’t view the blighted scenery they’re responsible for having constructed if this train followed the route of disclosure it should.

Thanks for listening.

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