Oscar’s Farks O’ The Week, Buried Middle Class Edition

Y’all hear that Biden endorsed Romney today? No? Well, he pretty much did. More or less.

Here – see for yourself…

Catchy, huh?

“This is deadly earnest, man. This is deadly earnest,” Biden said. “How they can justify–how they can justify–raising taxes when the middle class has been buried the last four years… How in Lord’s name…”

Deadly earnest, man. And there’s an importance to being earnest. That’s why his name’s Joe By-God Earnest Biden.

And he’s running for president.

Whoops! No he’s not. He’s running for that other job. The one with all the chains and Indian accents. Or something.

Anyway, down here in Barataria we think it’s a campaign slogan worth havin’. So we thought we’d help Ol’ Joe and his boss with some material.

And it makes some snappy podium signs, too…

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