Skewed Priorities

pri·or·i·ty (n) 1. the right to precede others in order, rank, privilege, etc.;precedence.(2.) the right to take precedence in obtaining certain supplies, services, facilities etc. 3.) something given special attention

Politics is one of my interests, and politics readily arouses the passions making it virtually impossible to shut down the random observations creating conflict. Maybe that’s why I’m interested; the conflict entices me to ponder why men and their petty decisions have such wide ranging consequences for people they know nothing about.

In this week’s Weekly Standard Magazine (a conservative element I regularly read) one of the editors spoke about the continual travails of the Chevy Volt and how the car lost a fan because it couldn’t fit a family of five. It seems the stupid thing doesn’t have enough seats. This in itself didn’t have much of an impact because I feel Beaurat Obama backing lost causes in the field of “Green Energy” would be laughable if didn’t involve large amounts of taxpayer money financing woefully under-developed technology; a technology years away from the maturity necessary to produce products of any value in a fiscally efficient and profitable manner. The man backs losers and he can’t seem to get the message private industry would do better because they don’t like wasting their own funds. It’s always easier to waste other peoples’ money. Please note the bankruptcy rates of “green” companies he’s supported.

But more importantly he’s a loser of the worst kind. His thinking gets people killed.

The article went on to speak of the Obama Administration authorizing the construction of a $108,000 charging station at the United States Embassy in Vienna. That’s in Austria folks. It services Chevy Volts used by staff in Vienna and nowhere else. How many of the bloody things do we have there we needed a $108,000 “charging station” rather than converting/adapting household current to recharge these Tonka® toys? It doesn’t matter. Obama did it and showed the badly skewed policies he charges headlong after instead of pulling his head out of the clouds ideologically and out of his butt in reality.

The thing making this decision cut more deeply than an electric chainsaw is the fact: on May 3rd Obama’s State Department rejected the usage of a DC-3, an airplane developed and virtually unchanged in design since the 1930, for the Special Forces detachments in Libya doing embassy security. This plane is a prop driven unit with more accumulated flight time than most modern fly-by-wire wonders produced today. The Chevy Volt has an effective range under battery power of 35 (thirty-five) miles!

The DC-3 isn’t an anachronism as much as it is an undeniably powerful workhorse in its limited venue. The Volt will leave you on the side of the road at any given moment and is only useful if you live in a large city and don’t use it much. The DC-3 has saved lives throughout its history and will for years to come. You can buy one of these for as little as $85,000 (

Obama refused to supply the security forces of the embassy and consulates of the region with an inexpensive, viable vehicle to deliver much needed military intervention such as we’ve seen necessary in Benghazi, Libya. It’s more important to this Idiot-in-Chief to spend a hundred grand for a “Green Energy” program proving itself to be untenable than it is to assure professional warriors have the most basic tool they need; transportation to the battlefield. American heroes in Benghazi died because of this man.

Understanding this man’s thought process is easy when developed from the basis of his history. He’s declared he’ll “fundamentally change America”. It’s working because we citizens aren’t calling him to accountability for his actions. This continually spending money on inefficient technologies over the needs of people regularly walking in harm’s way has the “green” hue of accumulated rot in an increasingly ideologically rancid thought process.

America walks in harm’s way daily. We stand against those who’d enslave others with politically charged religiosity. We need the tools to combat these injustices more than we need an electro-toy sending a thrill up a dummy’s leg.

Thanks for listening.

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