Twitter Reactions To The Debate

My take: Romney beat Obama senseless. That got ugly, quick, and it stayed that way.

But forget about my take. Here are some other takes…

@ChuckTodd: Very important night for Mitt Romney. And he rose to the challenge.

@VanityFair: Has Obama ever been this off his game?

@davidgregory:Romney’s in command right now. Taking on the President directly added a spark.” #DenverDebate

@davidgregory:One hour in Romney is far more energetic and aggressive than the President.” #DenverDebate

@SuzyKhimm: Obama is stumbling, hesitant in describing the selling points of his signature achievement. Not good.

@DavidCornDC RT @SuzyKhimm: Obama is stumbling, hesitant in describing the selling points of his signature achievement. Not good.

@TheFix: Good golly. Obama looks very annoyed/unhappy. #debates

@JoshMcElveen We have never seen @BarackObama on the defensive like this. Unprecedented. Wrong or right. @MittRomney is on the game he needed to be on.

@LukeRussert: Obama shooting himself by not getting personal on HCR. Clinton probably screaming at TV. He needs an “I feel your pain” moment.

@FixAaron: Slowly the left is starting to acknowledge that Obama is losing this debate. #debates

Weekly Standard: Best Debate Performance By a GOP Presidential Candidate in More than Two Decades

@chuckplunkett Romney is far more on his game tonight. #debate #copolitics #denverdebate

@GregGutfeld: Obama is rolling down a mountain like Homer Simpson hitting every rock along the way.

@ChrisStigall: This debate is devastating Obama. Simply no spinning. The stammering, the blinking, looking away. Obama’s outmatched. #1210StigallDebate

@JohnJHarwood: Romney looks a lot happier than Obama on that stage#CNBC2012

@sullydish This is a rolling calamity for Obama. He’s boring, abstract, and less human-seeming than Romney!

@stephenfhayes: Is there anyone who doesn’t work for the Obama campaign or the DNC who thinks Barack Obama is winning this debate?

@EliStokols Romney really is ahead on style and substance. Just wonder if anyone is still watching all this wonky policy stuff. #debates

@JimHeath10TV As I tweeted before the debate “Obama’s #1 goal: Don’t look aggravated or irritated.” Like many incumbents before, he has failed that goal.

@Cam_Joseph: When you’re explaining, you’re losing. Obama’s been explaining all night.

@kirstenpowers10: I’ll be interested to see how media spins this debate as an Obama win.

@DaveWedge: Obama looks like Rex Ryan against Belichick. Perplexed. #prezdebate #whoyagot

@billmaher: i can’t believe i’m saying this, but Obama looks like he DOES need a teleprompter

@APBobLewis: President appears flat-footed, unprepared, perhaps a bit distracted. No haymaker either side, but Romney’s more aggressive, focused.

@tomfitzgerald Romney is puncturing the presidential bubble…

‏@LarrySabato Obama now has spoken 38 mins to Romney’s 33 mins–but Romney has gotten more from less.

@JoeStGeorge: “Mr President, your entitled to your plane and your own house but not your own facts” thats a great line by Romney.

@billmaher: Obama’s not looking like he came for a job interview, Romney so far does

@Jheil: Obama tells Lehrer he’s “done a great job.” #liarliar

@DraperRobert: OK 5 min to go but prediction: Romney has closed the gap in 90 minutes

@HotlineReid: Obama: “I think this has been a terrific debate.” MOSTLY FALSE!

@ErinBurnett: Undecided dial test raw #s show: #Romney won the ‘big moments’ 7 comments scored over 70. #obama had 4.

UPDATE: And then there was this…

UPDATE #2: Didn’t know where to put this, so…

UPDATE #3: And then there was Dennis Miller’s Twitter account…

UPDATE #4: What the next debate might look like…

UPDATE #5: One thing that was very obvious after the debate was the body language after it was over. Michelle Obama looked like she was about to cry as she walked up to the stage, while Ann Romney looked giddy as a schoolgirl.

AP caught some of that…

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