White Stone Pawns

Some say September 11th (9/11) is a day to be feared. It’s the anniversary of another prominent and memorable day of infamy in the history of man. We should in all ways pay attention. We should recognize there are elements of political extremism and religious fanaticism existent in this world and the diseased minds of terrorists seeking attention for their causes.

There are other things 9/11 should be noted for i.e. those fallen in opposition to the tyranny showing its maniacal face to the world. These are the heroes listed in reports and dispatches from the field. We’ve cut their names into the stone friezes of monuments used to congratulate ourselves for having had these champions of our cause. Facts show they’re immortalized by their actions moreso than any cold, etched, granite shrines showing we saw them stand in Honor’s light after their fall to the momentary cruelty of circumstances not favoring them at that time.

They deserve more than we can ever repay.

Today we’re watching drama queens represent the citizens of the greatest nation to ever be known. This artful, seriously misrepresentative effort at depicting the values important to the American people is more a matter of the normalcy of politics than the presentation of new efforts seeking understanding concerning the deaths of our agents and envoys in Libya.

Congress (the greatest example of thermal energy waste in hot air transmission for no harnessed effect to do any REAL good) is holding “hearings”. They want to determine why our Ambassador had insufficient armed protection to prevent the assault on our consulate.

We know the aftermath of this horrific debacle was Obama’s wind-bags deliberately repeating apologist misinformation meant to: A.) assure there’s NO criticism presentable toward the Islamist elements committing the homicides and B.) mislead the American people concerning the ineptitude of the Incompetent-in-Chief and his bungling boobs conducting his dog-and-pony-show he offers the world as foreign policy. These Congressional Ringmasters are putting on the latest show where bloviating rascals, puff themselves up like blow-fish to better be seen as crusaders for the people while never realizing we see their diminished agility where it pertains to fact-finding.

Their outright pandering before the media would be comical if it wasn’t so tragic. The regularity with which it’s presented to us is insulting. Their self-righteous anger’s more a statement of petulant annoyance because their overwhelming impotence to move legislation isn’t stopping the petty bureaucratic tail from wagging the idiot dog. This baloney is constituent of both crud sandwiches being fed us by the politicians.

The testimony offered is vacuous in its presentation. The sterility of that same testimony allows no propagation of intelligence. We’re still in the dark for the most part. The committee investigating the homicides and the act of war committed against America is political drama: no more and no less. The people (other than one Special Forces Operative aware of security measures in place at the time of the assault) are all either new conscripts to their positions or members of the Menu Elite offered by the hash-slinger, Beaurat Obama, masquerading as a Cordon Bleu Chef.

These people give babbling, evasive and oblique answers offered offensively to ears not wanting to hear the “same old thing” but aren’t mentally adroit enough to direct the rabbit to tell exactly what they know about the hole they’re warehousing the truth in. These Congressional representatives are skilled in making it look like they’re productive when really they’re worthless and accomplishing nothing other than putting on what they see as a good show. The show stinks.

While all of this continues, a water jet cuts a letter into a granite headstone; then another, then another after that one. The job goes on with the precision programmed into the computer directing the work. If there’s garbage programmed into the computer, the engraved tribute is wrong; false in its presentation of the sacrifice lying beneath the surface of the grave.

Congress, and Obama, dishonor and disrespect the warriors laid to rest. Instead of the dignity of a final resting place for fallen warriors; the poorly crafted memorial shows the final resting place of White Stone Pawns.

Thanks for listening.

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