Comparing Value Against Worth

Senator Dick “Dimples” Durbin pulled the earnings gap out of the Democratic Party closet and pummeled hedge fund managers for making too much money in comparison to Navy SEALS.

He feels there’s an immoral disparity between what this nation pays its warriors and what hedge fund managers earn in private industry. This proves a point: the Democratic Party leadership is composed of wealthy people saying “don’t do as I do; do as I say!” That’s the mantra of every ineffectual politician and petty plutocrat ever elected to office. They feel they’re more intelligent, better looking, have smarter kids and more beautiful trophy wives than the rest of the world.

Democrats, as indicated by Durbin, are trying to hit a responsive chord by balancing the U.S. Navy SEALS against those dastardly devils of the immoral right: the Hedge Fund managers. Nobody can say they found Gordon Gekko (the villain of the movie Wall Street) was a warm, cuddly figure they’d like having as their kid’s nanny. He’d probably rent the kid for nefarious purposes a la Oliver Twist or something similar. Anything to make a profit because: “greed is good”.

Navy SEALS are warriors, quiet heroes doing a job they chose to do based on a desire to be the best in the world in that field. Hedge Fund managers aren’t heroic. They buy, sell and trade shares and companies and futures and all that Wall Street stuff we laymen only dream of. Navy SEALS work at a pay scale I admit sucks for the dangers they’re faced with daily while on the job. There’s NO way we can make that up to them in the way of understanding what the job provides versus the pay it garners.

The title of this little mind nugget is “Value v. Worth”; and therein is the question to be answered: which valued party has greater worth than the other? What is the value you place on any man or woman placing their lives and bodies in harm’s way so we may live fruitful and participant lives in this great social experiment we call America?

If there is no private industry, there is no America because this country was born and grown from the metaphorical and actual blood, sweat and tears of business people placing their industry on the scales of national and international trade to make this the nation it is. They fought metaphorical battles while having the life and death of this nation in their hands as they engaged hostile elements outside this country. Nobody can argue against the immense value private industry played in the winning of World War II. Dimples Durbin wasn’t looking at that when he shot his mouth off. Business proved its worth

I value Navy SEALs over hedge fund managers. I understand warriors but I also understand greed because I’m human and recognize Durbin’s greed and avarice. He’s desperately trying to move the field of combat to the theoretical by invoking emotional shadowing concerning our legitimate heroes. He attacks those propelling this nation into a position of dominance in the business world.

In general I think we should take the money earned by Hedge Fund managers and give it to the SEALS; right after Dimples and his menagerie in the Congress start giving up their earnings. You see it’s a matter of value v. worth in my mind.

I value anybody working to make this country I love and honor, America, as great as it has been and so much greater than it is now. I value, appreciate and cherish the sacrifice the one makes and the efforts the other takes to make America great. I can’t say that about politicians seeking sound bites and making self-serving press conference announcements.

Durbin, if you’re too stupid to recognize it’s the American Warrior AND the American Businessman keeping him supplied in times of duress that made this nation great; it’s time you got out of town.

I value our fighting forces and our business people. I see you and your colleagues as worthless leeches bleeding our nation of the good sense we once displayed before the world.

Thanks for listening.

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