Death By Denial

When my dog has a latrine break, she nonchalantly but resolutely moves to a place she can take command of and purposefully drops her deposit. She then scratches dirt and leaves over it in an effort to cover up what she’s done. She’s a dog not unfamiliar with Beaurat Obama’s modus operandi in all things political. The unfolding similarities are striking when you consider them.

Obama takes a dump on America, looks around to see if it’s been witnessed and starts trying to cover it up to avoid responsibility for the production of the offense. My dog’s a female (we’re not allowed to say the –itch word); and so is Obama. The only difference is she’s an animal and he’s a consistently incompetent (and obviously inept and ineffectual Marxist) trying desperately to look commanding. He’s not either and he’s got no problem getting people killed regularly as he blunders and bungles his way toward a reputation as one of the most ethically corrupt individuals to ever hold the office of president.

Rio Rico, Arizona and Benghazi are the names of places where Americans were killed by criminals not recognized as threats. They’re instances where insufficient planning and preparation coupled with an administration unwilling to take the beast by the horns and beat it down, killed American heroes.

Americans are being killed while Obama ducks, dodges, bobs and weaves to avoid getting hit by his own culpability. Make no mistake; he’s the one culpable for all of this. Even though he refuses to admit he’s responsible, remember Harry Truman set the bar high with that plaque on his desk saying: “the buck stops here!” Obama does the limbo under that bar daily.

Because Obama’s elevated our deficit to $16 T dollars it’s obvious a buck hasn’t the value it once held. But he lets them slip through his fingers with greater lubricity than his oily lack of character would suggest. Even his sycophants (like Jay Carney) are having a hard time keeping up with the latest lies this administration directs be told daily. Einstein pegged the problem succinctly when he said: “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”.

Obama lies over and over again expecting America to believe a lie told endlessly. It’s the Alinskyist canard saying if you tell a lie long enough you can find people believing it. They don’t want to know the truth; they want to exalt a man with no qualifications for the job. If he was anybody and anything but what he is, he’d have been laughed out of office by now.

“Fast and Furious” was an operation running guns to Drug Cartels south of the border. It was run under the Bush Administration and slopped over into the Obama clan’s arena. Since Agent Brian Terry was murdered by Mexican insurgents, Attorney General Eric Holder has taken a beating in one Congressional Hearing after another. You’ve got to give Holder credit; he can take a righteous beating. He should receive a righteous beating for his incompetence. He runs the race; he gets the results as he crosses or fails to cross the finish line. But, Brian Terry suffered the consequences of Holder’s (and by association Obama’s) incompetence at supervising and then not STOPPING the obviously ill-advised acts.

In Benghazi, it’s being shown in email after email and confidential memos sent from Ambassador Stevens to the State Department; Stevens regularly asked for additional security in advance of the attacks. Tyrone Woods, a former Seal Team Operator, spent his last living seconds laser designating the position of the mortar set to kill him. The order to activate an armed drone was denied by the ONLY MAN ON EARTH, THE SITTING PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA WHO COULD AUTHORIZE AN ARMED DRONE STRIKE – REFUSED TO GIVE THE ORDER.

It’s Obama’s obligation by written protocol and responsibility to give that order and he didn’t do it!

To quote the Seals: “Obama called the Seals and THEY got bin Laden. When the Seals called Obama THEY GOT DENIED!”

When the truth calls Obama it gets denied as well. Every time.

Thanks for listening.

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