Forget Everything Else You’ve Seen, This Is The Worst Ad Of All Time

Exhorting folks who agree with you politically to murder those who don’t? Sure, the Left is for that.

Anything to win, except a clue how not to offend and disgust decent people. We bring you the clowns from

This isn’t an Obama campaign ad or a DNC ad. It’s the product of someone named Luke Montgomery, a gay activist and animal rights nut who engages in idiotic stunts like this on a regular basis. From, another of Montgomery’s websites which sells pro-gay t-shirts…

It’s the best of both worlds! is a private T-Shirt company with a directly charitable mission that we’re personally passionate about: fighting homo-H8 everywhere. We’ve raised over $250,000 through T-Shirt sales for gay rights charity causes. Our company’s work also includes – giving away thousands of free “OK4U2BGAY” T-Shirts to kids in schools. We believe that in a world full of bullies, suicide, and hate, tens of thousands of kids and adults wearing a pro-gay message is life-saving and great. Everyone says “it gets better” – and we think this is a great way to make it better! We believe the world would be a better place if good causes had the same savvy marketing as products like iPods, soft drinks and designer jeans, and we hope you agree. As we grow, we’re eager to also expand to a 501(c)(3) charity. Our bottom line is making a difference.

The problem with this guy isn’t that he’s gay. The problem with this guy is that he’s an infantile moron who fantasizes about hacking apart and blowing up those with whom he disagrees.

But we wanted to show you this ad anyway, so you can see the kinds of people you’re embracing if you support Barack Obama.

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