That’s who Obama is apparently going to name as Leon Panetta’s replacement for Secretary of Defense. Tomorrow, this is reportedly going to happen.

This John Kerry. This is who will be put in charge of our military.

Ponder that for a while, if you will. While you’re pondering it, consider what the effect on the troops will be to have this man as Defense Secretary.

How would you like to be stationed in Afghanistan, getting shot at under rules of engagement practically dictated to us by the enemy, and then find out that John Kerry, who sold out the troops in Vietnam by giving the enemy a massive propaganda coup to benefit is own potential political career, is your new boss?

What effect does that have on morale, and what effect on the size of our volunteer force?

There is almost literally no one worse than John Kerry possible to serve as defense secretary. Because he’s a member of the Senate, his friends in that body won’t likely defeat his nomination – though there are 45 Republicans in the Senate and if they had the stones to do it they could block him or at least drag those confirmation hearings out for so long and make them so painful as to cripple Kerry forever.

They won’t do it, though. They’ll let him sail through as though he wasn’t an unmitigated disgrace.

And then we’d better pray we don’t have to fight a war until after 2019 or so, because after the retirements, failed re-enlistments, missed recruitment goals and other attrition in our military an insult at the top of the Defense Department will surely cause, we’ll be all but defenseless by the time Kerry is done and it will take at least three years to rebuild in a best case.

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