An Open Letter To David Petraeus From The American People

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Dear Gen. Petraeus:

The American people have followed your stellar career in the military and your tenure as Director of the CIA with great pride. After over 38 years of devoted military and public service, the abrupt and explicit nature of your letter of resignation presented to the American people by the CIA raises nothing but disquieting questions amid concerns raised by the Benghazi terrorist attack.

The timing alone is bursting with suggestive implications.

Wholly unrelated to marital misconduct, you are at the epicenter of a scandal that has more profound consequences to American self-governance than reports of your spousal infidelity. Your abrupt departure from the CIA has only fueled suspicion surrounding the scope and nature of the entirety of events surrounding the terrorist attack on our mission in Benghazi, Libya, that cost four American lives. The aftermath of the attack and the administration’s actions in its wake demand accountability.

Where you were once reported as anxious to testify before a Congressional oversight hearing, we urge you to put your personal difficulties aside and present the American people the facts as you know them. The unsettling information already in the public realm compels a full, public airing for scrutiny by the American people.

Among the crushing breadth of questions with Constitutional implications:

1. In your Benghazi briefing to Members of Congress in September, on what basis did you include information stating the attack was a response to an obscure YouTube video? Was the YouTube narrative provided to you from someone outside of the CIA? Where did it come from?

2. Without disclosing sources and methods, what was the CIA doing in Benghazi at the time of the September 11 attack on our diplomatic mission there? Why did we have a mission, and a CIA “annex” facility, in one of the most dangerous cities on Earth when every other nation had pulled out of Libya? Are the stories of gun-running to Syria accurate? And are we engaged in weapons-dealing with jihadists associated with Al-Qaeda?

3. If the CIA is engaged in weapons dealing out of Benghazi, was this a policy initiated or proposed by you or your agency? If not, who proposed and initiated the program?

4. Did you actually have an affair with Paula Broadwell? If so, were you ever coerced, threatened or even approached by a person or persons with knowledge of this indiscretion in any way suggestive of blackmail?

5. Did you author or approve the language in your resignation letter? Did you, in fact, agree to resign or were you fired?

6. What did the President know and when did he know it–before, during and after the actual terrorist attack in Benghazi? What was he doing while four Americans lost their lives amid repeated distress calls for help? What were you doing?

As you no doubt are aware, America is a deeply divided country and our citizens have less faith in our government than perhaps ever before. You were one of the few men in Washington the public saw as an honest, capable and admirable public servant. In the wake of your resignation as presented, you still possess a measure of trust from the American people, borne of your lifetime of service that few among our highly-placed officials can claim.

Recent events have only exacerbated that lack of faith in the U.S. government.

It should be no surprise to you that very little of this makes any sense to average Americans–the same Americans who looked to you as an example of character, integrity and honor in military and public service. Your full accounting of these events could begin the long road to a restoration of faith in our own government that only the disinfectant light of truth can make possible.

No closed-door Congressional whisperings. You are no longer bound by that obligation.

As you become enveloped by the full measure of dark machinations our politicos manufacture in their quest to cling to power, your silence will only give confidence to those endeavors.

We urge you without delay to give a full accounting directly to the American people in any public venue of your choosing.

Your adult life has been spent defending us; in these troubling times what the very notion of a free and self-governing America requires is not your military skill but your honesty.

America is waiting, Sir. Our survival in freedom is at stake.

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