Quisling’s Progeny

Vidkun Quisling collaborated with the Nazis. He’s Norway’s Benedict Arnold.

The thought of John Kerry being Secretary of Defense is akin to making Napoleon Quartermaster General of the British Army. No good could ever come from it. No fox should stand guard over the henhouse.

This fecal stain on the record of the United States Navy should be drummed from the recorded corps for his duplicitous, evil, opportunistic way he’s been setting himself up for his stinking career in national politics. He’s denounced his brethren and spit on them and their memory based on no more than what he was told over time. He was awarded some of the highest medals based on speculative evidence he was wounded under combat conditions and behaved heroically under fire. These allegations aren’t brought by people far removed from him and viewing his history from a far-flung plain. They’ve been brought forward by the very men he served with, who witnessed his actions and inactions and testify to the ignominy of his opportunistic machinations.

It’s never to be forgotten when he stepped center-stage at the convention to accept the nomination as the Democratic Party Candidate for the presidency against George W. Bush. His snappy salute and “reporting for duty” to the strains of patriotic music belied the memory of when he attacked his leaders and his brothers for “war-crimes” in 1971 when he returned to Washington hearings so he could set-up his move toward elected office. He burned his awards. He should have been burned at the stake.

Look up the term; Democratic Party Ideologue. John Kerry’s photo appears. He’s a card carrying progressive politician willing to sell-out his country and countrymen to get ahead and gain more power. Caesar, Napoleon and others willing to sacrifice anybody he finds beneath his station hold no chance of surpassing this jerk. His willingness to insult and denigrate any person serving America in the military is constantly offered as he tries being funny at the expense of the serviceman or woman. Witness his tawdry joke about low grades leading to service in Iraq.

John Kerry’s not a comedian. John Kerry’s a perfect example of a joke without a punch-line. He’s rude, incredibly offensive and an opportunistic leach that’s managed to make an heiress believe he really cares about her. He was a fool when he returned from Vietnam; he’s a clown now he’s in the Senate. His departure from the Senate would only move the septic funk he calls his aura to another chamber of the White House outhouse. The people I fear for most are those enlisting after this charlatan would take office.

Kerry is the illegitimate political afterbirth developed by the Kennedy Cabal in Massachusetts. In that land of some of the greatest founding fathers, the Kennedys have managed to weld themselves and political allies such as Kerry into positions steadfastly manned by partisan ethnic populations they can cater to and subsidize with political patronage. Kerry and his younger minions learning the ropes from slugs such as he is are the people maintaining this corrupt political system bankrupting this country morally and fiscally. Kerry learned he’s elite and therefore above it all from such luminaries as Teddy “Chappaquiddick” Kennedy who did their best to leave a stellar path of political skullduggery and thuggery for their progeny to follow.

Kerry learned well. It’s no wonder Barack Obama gazes at Kerry’s autographed photo longingly before he lay his little head down to sleep. Obama wishes he could be as highly qualified as this skunk.

Kerry gave “aid and comfort” to our enemies. He did as much damage to our men and women in combat zones as the specific enemies they faced under arms. His actions were as treacherous and disloyal as any. But, because he was at home, where he could shelter himself beneath the cover of the Constitution  he befouls with his antics, it was seen as something we must all accept no matter how distasteful his speech.

Now, Obama may want to make him Secretary of Defense. Quisling was a better example of a public servant than this turncoat.

Thanks for listening.

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