Speaking Grandly, Performing Blandly

Whenever I feel I understand the incumbent administration, I watch a video of Beaurat Obama saying “Al Qaeda is decimated!” The dipstick has no understanding of what the word means.

A particular format of “Roman Legion Tactical Enrichment and Encouragement of Personnel in Battle” was to commit an act of decimation. To decimate originally referred to killing every tenth person, for mutiny among the ranks. Today we accept this to mean the killing of any large proportion of a group. This is incorrect.

The problem with Obama’s statement is his steadfast refusal to understand the obvious. That would be: if you kill every tenth Al Qaeda operative, you still have nine left in line to fight. Let me say this in another way so the Dipstick-in-Chief can understand it: kill one, 90% of the enemy is still waiting to kill us.

Ya got that Beaurat? Are the words short enough?

This group staining the White House carpets cannot get it through their thick cranial masses; they’re fighting a Guerrilla War. For a nation acceptant of a battle tactic proven successful by Native Americans, the American people have a really hard time understanding the concept. We lost our butts to a bunch of tunneling Vietnamese gopher soldiers having greater understanding that the smaller the fighting force’s numbers, the greater the necessity to NOT lose men if at all avoidable. That means “hit and run”.

Conventional United States Military wisdom says “MIGHT MAKES RIGHT!” No, not really. Might makes for waste. “MIGHT” (such as the seemingly limitless numbers of personnel to inhabit a battlefield) does no good if the enemy is nibbling (killing and maiming) troops from the periphery on a regular basis. We no longer effectively fight wars of attrition with antagonists positioned side-by-side, shoulder-to-shoulder, marching toward an enemy positioned in a reflective formation so as to present targets more easily hit by musket fire. Seventeenth century battle tactics are suicide on a grand scale. But (p)residents and generals don’t lead from the front; they direct from their rears.

This STUPID formation has killed more good men in battle than any other thing. The British lost America because the Indians and Americans understood shooting from behind a large rock was infinitely more effective than counting on the polished buttons of your uniform coat to stop the incoming bullet. Wool doesn’t have the energy trapping properties of Kevlar.

But you can’t tell “experts” like generals, admirals and great social scientists like Beaurat Obama anything. They know it all, because they stand in a circle and manually gratify each other. They feed each other what they want to hear. For their sycophantic singing the praises of the guy one level higher than they, they get nice rewards like greater lubrication for the next time they gather. Everybody in the circle gets what they want (and get a “warm fuzzy” after the fact) but it’s the troops and the nation gets screwed.

Obama’s not a semanticist. It’s evident in his acceptance of words and phraseology blandly placed on his Tele-prompter. He has NO idea what the hell he’s really speaking of at any given moment. He’s not a student of language and the interrelationships of words, phrases, and sentences. He’s not a student of ways of interpreting and analyzing theories of logic. He’s a metaphor mangler; and a poor one at that. If it wasn’t for speech writers, this dud would be mute.

It’s obvious from his spouting tired political rhetoric dating back to the 1850s, he has NO idea of what it takes to govern or lead a nation. Amateurish efforts to communicate only indicate the obvious. His firm and unfaltering effort has been to misdirect the attention of the American citizen toward subjects he finds affective. He draws responses showing he’s a puppet-master seeking to remove us from the truth. It’s always been his modus operandi to speak grandly and perform blandly.

It’s always been this column’s position the audience should listen to what a politician says and not simply hear, accept and comply with the directive language. We seek to understand the truth, not merely accept the lies spoken by politicians.

Thanks for listening.

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