That Bayou Classic’s Awesome, Huh?

Greatest show on turf.

Especially at halftime.

The pic above was Southern’s band. But Grambling’s band did it, too.

No big deal – Obama’s the president. They spelled his name out four years ago when he won.

Did they spell out Bush’s name? Did they spell out Reagan’s? Clinton’s?

You already know the answer to that.

Obama has given the black community a 14.1 percent unemployment rate, which means damn few of the kids in those two bands will find meaningful work once their marching days are done (and we won’t even get into how much stroke with the HR department a degree from Southern or Grambling gets you even in a non-Obama economy).

But they celebrate a 14.1 percent unemployment rate, apparently. And you already know why.

Your tax dollars are paying for this. Your tax dollars are paying for Louis Farrakhan to give speeches at Southern, too.

This is justice, y’know. This is what you get a few generations down the road from a bunch of Jim Crow racists who wouldn’t let black folks study at the same colleges white folks studied at. So maybe we shouldn’t complain.

Unless, of course, you’re a member of the party that was CREATED to fight stupid crap like that. And your party spent more than 100 years fighting against all that racial separation stuff. If you’re in that party you actually have a case against this racial stuff bein’ thrown in your face.

Not that you get to make that case. If you think it’s retarded for Obama to get a pass from the people he’s doin’ the worst job for simply because Obama’s black, you’re a racist.

So shut up, Simon Le Gree.

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