The Value Of Mardi Gras Beads

Obama’s election night speech was a clarion call for recognition of his platform. It was more of the same garbage he’s spewed for the last 4 years. It was a treasure trove of Mardi Gras beads; holding color and flash; their actual value is nil. The words ring. They bounce and echo in a space more hollow than Joe Biden’s campaign gaffes and head. Obama just can’t stop saying nothing to be recorded as such. It’s “Hope and Change” all over again.

But, there is real hope for change. This presidential imposter is possibly the lamest duck to ever inhabit the White House. Barring the American public accepting a Presidential Decree declaring him (p)resident for life; Obama can’t run again. Obama’s enacted at least 139 presidential decrees carrying the impact and power of law whenever he doesn’t like what he hears coming from Congress. But we must be careful. Obama believes he’s cut from the same mold as Franklin Roosevelt, no matter the fact he’s NOT gotten the same performance history as Roosevelt. Nobody can say Obama was humbled by his win.

It didn’t take long for the Republican Party to send John Boehner, head down and tail securely tucked between his legs, to sniff Obama’s backside and assure the Republicans are ready for business as usual in the form of concessions, allowances, indulgences and recognitions business will be conducted as usual. That means nothing will be accomplished because the Republican Party has all of the testicular fortitude of any steer in the herd. Boehner asked Obama to lead us. That presumes the answer to the most important question being asked: “Does Obama KNOW HOW to lead”; is yes.

Most of us think not.

So far we’ve endured a contentious, obstinate intractability and refusal to compromise on anything. From the budget to open disclosure of exactly who knew what and when concerning “Fast and Furious” or the debacle and potentially criminally negligent homicide committed of an Ambassador and men trying to represent America under attack in Benghazi; Obama’s refused to engage the truth.

And, without truth there’s no chance of forward movement from an administration having NO integrity or honesty in actions past, present or hoped for in the future.

I spoke with my Congressman the night before the election. It was instructive as he hammered away at the topic he has the greatest expertise in. He’s an M.D decided to waste his talents in Congress when he’s always displayed excellence in his profession before this. He believes he can serve us best in Congress. It’s a pay cut and a drop in social standing from physician to politician, but I respect him nonetheless.

But I want to know how and why the system works the way it does. I suggest we look at metaphors and theoretical examples. The good doctor’s gone from the point of being lead M.D. on a surgical team expected to excise a potentially terminal tumor. He leads the team. He makes the first cut; he works with the anesthesiologist, the other surgeons in the room and the nursing staff to assure the job is done properly. The end result is determined after everybody’s combined skills are tested and found successful.

Now the good doctor’s assigned to surgery as a member of a committee. He must debate and justify his position on the procedure and be in constant controversy with people of equal numbers saying they think the patient should be healed through the use of holistic techniques. They don’t want the patient traumatized (in their opinion) by doing what’s understandably less pleasant but potentially necessary to get the job done. The committee stamps their booty covered feet and sweat in their fashionable “scrubs” while debating what’s necessary for 4 years. Meanwhile the patient died two years ago.

This is what we have now; a surgical team deciding by argument what the proper course of action should be while the nation slowly dies of mismanagement and obstinate adherence to party ideologies. Nobody acts. They posture. Now we have 4 more years of this inanity to endure until Obama’s finally gone.

Doc? It’s not working.

Thanks for listening.

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