A Question For Joyce Haynes And Steve Monaghan…

…does this video, put out by the communist California Federation of Teachers and narrated by the communist Ed Asner, adequately represent your economic views?

If it doesn’t, would you denounce it as misleading and inappropriate as a representation of what your union – and this is particularly the case where Mr. Monaghan is concerned, as the California Federation of Teachers is an affiliate of the same teachers’ union he heads in Louisiana – believes about the state of the country?

Because for those of us who regard this as offensive, idiotic and anti-American, a video expressing such a message calls into serious question whether one more dime should be invested in public schools with unionized work forces. For if the unions in question support such a message, the lesson is that your tax dollars are pouring into a system currently operating to poison our kids’ minds against the very free market system which built this country.

This is largely our fault. Where Republicans have been in charge over the last three decades there has been a typical movement toward ever-larger expenditures on education – in the assumption that the more kids got a “good” education the more they’d acquire skills which would enable them to get good jobs, move to the suburbs, buy a house, start a family and vote Republican.

But in typical negligent Republican fashion, we paid zero attention to the people we were hiring to supply that education. And because of that negligence, nobody really paid attention to the fact that the educational bureaucracy, the unions and the fatcat administrators were movin further and further away from the American mainstream. And now, the educational establishment isn’t just a Democrat constituency group; it’s a radical fringe.

Your kids go to public schools and they’re taught America is a racist, sexist, homophobic country which is destroying the planet. And they’re taught that rich Americans – and people who own businesses – are the worst folks on earth.

I could supply all kinds of examples. You’ve seen as many of them as I have. And you’re paying for it.

And over in California, they hire communist movie actors to narrate retarded videos to spew out this narrative – with a design at indoctrinating kids as communists.

It’s time to call these people to account. We’ll start right here in Louisiana.

Which is it, Mr. Monaghan? Do you support this, Ms. Haynes, or denounce it?

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