FRANCE: The Kids Are Fighting Back Against The Muslim Invasion

Here’s something of a backlash against the trend in Europe, and particularly in France. It seems the 20-somethings there are mobilizing for a major fight against socialism and sharia the Left brought on with their suicidal immigration policies over the past 20 years…

Generation Identitaire is a group of 20-somethings which has declared war on the multicultural immigration policies of the French Left, and their announcement video is some pretty hard-core stuff…

The thing to remember is that the recent French election won by the disastrous socialist Francois Hollande was won almost completely due to Hollande’s Socialist Party getting 93 percent of the Muslim vote. That fact shook the country up in a major way, as it indicated French Muslims were the new deciding factor in French elections.

And given that France has large swaths of its cities which are essentially Muslim enclaves where non-Muslims dare not go for fear of violent reprisals, and crime has begun to radiate out of those enclaves on an increasing basis, it was inevitable that there would be an organized resistance.

If people don’t believe the government represents their interests, they will attempt to change the government. If those attempts don’t bear fruit, they will become more and more strident. We see this in America all the time, on both sides of the political aisle. It’s basic human political nature at work.

And though the European elites have simply taken a passive attitude toward the demographic changes their policies are bringing about, those elites stopped representing the people in Europe decades ago. Common Europeans, and the French in particular, are seething over the fiscal disaster in their countries, the regulatory strangulation of law-abiding folks seeking to better their station and the lack of economic opportunity – and as Daniel Hannan warned, when you rob people of their liberty, what you will ultimately reap is nationalism.

Nationalism is borne of scarcity. Nationalism isn’t patriotism as we recognize nationalism to be in America; it’s something different. Nationalism seeks out The Other to demonize and rally the people against.

We’re not saying Generation Identitaire is a fascist mob of Nazis. We don’t know enough about them to paint with that brush. Their invective against the “children of ’68,” who were overwhelmingly collectivist in political orientation, indicates these kids might be a bunch of Jeffersonian Democrats as far as we know.

But there is a deep strain of nationalism in French politics, and in the most recent elections Marine Le Pen of the Front National pulled some 18 percent of the vote in the primary. The Le Pens’ FN party is a fascistic nationalist outfit; it has been gaining in popularity as the Muslim population has grown.

And now comes Generation Identitaire.

There are nationalist parties gaining steam in Great Britain and Holland, and even in Germany where you’d expect them to be completely beyond the pale.

But this is the future in Europe. When the political establishment is incapable of providing economic growth and an optimistic vision for the future, you will see anti-establishment types enter the political mainstream. And in Europe at present the single most important demographic/political factor in place is the growing Islamization of those countries.

Political correctness and multiculturalism has ruled Europe for a relatively long time. But what cannot continue, will not continue. And reality has shattered the multiculturalist fantasy of the Euro Left.

There will be a major pushback against the Islamization of Europe. The question is whether the mainstream political parties there begin that pushback in “responsible” terms, where policies which seek a sustainable balance between the necessity of preservation of indigenous culture and the preservation of civil rights can be implemented, or whether the pushback comes courtesy of new actors on the political stage who are less fettered by the demands of polite society.

The Nazis were such actors. They found Jews to be a convenient scapegoat, seeing as though Jews were some one percent of the population of Germany. But in France, where Muslims are somewhere between 10 and 15 percent of the population and haven’t assimilated in any way into the general population (the Jews in Germany had assimilated so successfully that non-Jewish Germans were envious of their success) but have collected in enclaves and overwhelmingly draw from France’s welfare system, the potential backlash and scale of the civil threat from a battle between Muslims and those who “declare war” against them is a frightening thing to behold.

France isn’t alone. Virtually every country in Western Europe has this problem, and virtually all of them are subject to similar forces.

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