SARGE: Puppet Masters

We now have the real puppet-masters pulling Beaurat Obama’s strings identified. We once thought it was Vladimir Poontang of Russia, and it still appears he has the right to jerk Obama around with impunity. But, Red China has stepped out from behind the Bamboo Curtain and proclaimed America needs to be disarmed.

Xinhua, the de facto media outlet for the Communist regime and “is subordinate to the State Council and reports to the Communist Party of China’s Propaganda and Public Information Departments”, said the Sandy Hook should push aside any delays “for U.S. gun control. (

People dedicated to the disarmament of American are out in force and actively, publicly pursuing their decades old drive to conquer America. And, the (p)resident of the United States and his Chief Clown “Joey” are right there pushing for the same goals. © produced the image of one man during the Tiananmen Square incident.  Tanks were used to stamp out any dissent against the Chinese government’s heavy handed, despotic rule over protesters. This one man, alone and without any weaponry, stood before a battle-tank and blocked its forward movement with his body rather than allow it to pass. The man was arrested and imprisoned immediately after the photo was made.

Xinhua says Obama should exploitive and capitalize on the Sandy Hook Tragedy. Rahm Emmanuel, Obama’s former hatchet man and Chief of Staff, said “you never want a serious crisis to go to waste”. Isn’t that wonderful? Obama and Emmanuel, as well as the puppet-masters, are all adherents of Saul Alinsky’s seminal volume, Rules for Radicals. We can see this choir is singing in harmony.

Every damned one of them wants America transformed into a police state.

Xinhua says in the article: “the gunman’s cruelty and evil may provide a strong momentum and broader public support for the restart of gun control efforts.” This is from a people using tanks to suppress freedom of speech and expression. They also say specifically, Obama should begin making preparations for war with major political ramifications when he tries to dismember the Second Amendment.

Well, at least somebody’s aware of how some of the American people will respond to a government abrogation of Constitutional rights. It’s just a shame it’s a godless, soulless operation like Communist China. They’re Obama’s allies, not ours.

Mao Zedong, the father of Communist China said: “all political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.” He should have known best. While establishing the communist regime, he caused the death of between 40 and 70 million of his own people by starvation, executions and forced enslavement in re-education camps. It seems things aren’t so lovely in the “workers’ paradise” administrated over by Beijing and its oh so loving government.

Because of the problems a totalitarian government has, it engenders greater usage of rioting to get the home folks’ message across. The government disarmed the people immediately after World War II and it’s been downhill for personal rights since then. As the government reaches out to use “its” land) families on generationally farmed lands are uprooted and relocated at the state’s will. This doesn’t sit too well with some folks. It’s been noted the state will substitute a bulldozer for a tank when it needs to crush one man’s rebellion. It crushed him too – physically and terminally. (This is NOT a metaphor.)

America owes so much money to China because of poor management of our economy by Congress. If we were to default on our loans, might China choose to invade a nation of disarmed and as such defenseless people foolish to not have exerted their rights under their formerly stalwart Constitution and Bill of Rights? Don’t scoff. Look at how they treat their people! Beijing wants Taiwan as an excuse to start a war they’ve prepared for over decades.

Remember: nations die as much from internal rot as from invasion. All needs be done is: weaken the fabric of the flag, remove the mechanisms (firearms) from the hands of the people responsible for their personal liberties; and the jackals will pack and ready themselves to hunt down the individuals best able to defend their nation.

That means YOU!

Thanks for listening.

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