Republicans Will Need To Change, All Right…

…but the left-wing commentators and RINO apologists who continue beating this post-election drum aren’t offering anything close to the right advice as to how. Robert Stacy McCain, in a quick post Thursday of last week, said in 300 words what the intelligentsia can’t or won’t. And it’s worth breaking down – because it’s exactly right, and the elite crowd is exactly wrong when they start in with the “it’s the gays, it’s immigration, it’s abortion” and all the rest of their pet policies they don’t like out of the GOP.

In a Twitter colloquy with Susan Cloud, producer of the Mark Davis radio show, I found myself compelled to explain and defend my previous criticisms of National Review. The problem, really, is that Republicans just don’t hate Democrats the way Democrats hate Republicans.

McCain, who writes for the American Spectator, is of the general opinion that the National Review crowd is a gaggle of wimps. That they too often reflect the East Coast RINO establishment. He goes on…

Most Republicans are born and raised Republicans, and are spiritually attuned to the sentiments of bourgeois respectability that are core values to the decent, honest people the GOP represents. By contrast, Democrats owe their power to the vilest dregs of humanity — corrupt union goons, Marxist academics, criminals, drug addicts, sexual perverts and race hustlers — who have no respect for the values of decent, honest people.

In politics, this represents a tremendous advantage to Democrats, who elect to high office vicious thieves like Charlie Rangel without any sense of embarrassment, and then applaud Rangel’s lies without shame. The Democrats are a gang of brazen criminals who have contempt for their victims — you, the respectable citizens who vote Republican.

This dovetails with something I’ve said for a while to explain why Republican politicians routinely get taken to the cleaners by Democrats, particularly in Washington. Namely, that you have to analyze the worlds the two species come from.

Republican politicians generally come from the business world. And in business, when you engage in negotiations, one way or another you’re almost always working toward the goal of a win-win solution. In business, more often than not you’re seeking a long-term, friendly, profitable business arrangement from which you can build business growth and expansion. So raking the other guy over the coals is more often not worth the trouble; he’ll ultimately walk on you or he’ll find a way to stick it to you in recompense for what you did to him. It’s best not to be greedy; get what you need, plus maybe just a little more, but keep him happy.

Democrat politicians? McCain pretty much nails them. They generally come from unions, trial lawyers, race-baiters, feminists and crazed academics. Win-win means nothing to them; when they’re engaged in a negotiation mutual growth and expansion never even comes into the picture. All they know is zero-sum game. Win-lose. They’re out to get as much of the pie as they can, and they couldn’t give a damn whose feelings get hurt in the bargain.

And when you put the win-win negotiator in the room with the win-lose negotiator, who do you think wins? Why, the win-lose guy of course. Every time. Our people are fish out of water trying to deal with the predators the Democrats send up.

It’s hilarious how the media presents the Right as nasty, mean and intolerant. Hilarious. Whatever you may think of John Boehner’s political views, would you rather have a beer with him, or Harry Reid?

McCain brings this back to the National Review crowd…

Having been born and raised a Democrat, I was never taught to be embarrassed of my politics the way most Republican children seem to be taught. And these nice Republican types who grew up groveling and apologizing — “Please, Professor, don’t give me a bad grade for disagreeing with you!” — are the weak link in the chain, the essential cause of the Republican Party’s feebleness.

What these practicioners of Republican niceness lack is the boldness to speak the blunt truth about what a despicable organization the Democratic Party has become. No moral, honest and intelligent American would associate themselves with the Democrats. Therefore the question we should ask our friends who might be tempted to vote Democrat is, “Are you immoral and dishonest, or merely stupid?”

The truth may sometimes seem rude, but it is still the truth.

The title of his post? One for the ages – The Filthy Rotten Party of Corruption, Treason, Fraud, Sodomy and Abortion.

That’s precisely right.

Democrats like to scream that our side is hateful and intolerant. But the fact is, to the extent every one of the Seven Deadly Sins has a lobby in Washington, they’re affiliated with the Democrat Party. Don’t start with the “that goes both ways” crap, either – the NRA is not a murder lobby; Planned Parenthood is.

Back in the old days – and by “old days” we mean the 1884 election – Republicans used to refer to Democrats as the party of “Rum, Romanism and Rebellion.”

Those things are pretty tame in comparison to now. Now, you can’t even come up just with three pejorative things Democrats are for. “Piracy, poverty and perversion,” maybe. “Buggery, bastardy and brigandage,” possibly. “Sodomy, sloth and shakedowns?” “Tyranny, theft and torpor?” Suit yourself. Those are hardly exclusive, though.

One of the biggest mistakes the Romney campaign and the Republican political establishment made last year was its decision to cast Obama as a left-wing politician who doesn’t know how the economy works and therefore can’t fix it. That was certainly true, of course, but too many of the American people don’t really understand how awful socialism is to have made that charge stick. And if you’re Romney and you attack Obama on the basis that he’s screwing up the economy, Obama just gets the mainstream media to hit back at you by saying you’re one of the rich Wall Street types who teamed up with Bush to ruin the economy in the first place. And he gets Bill Clinton to show up at the DNC to claim that nobody could have fixed what W. broke in only four years. Which is ludicrous, of course, but since according to the media Bill Clinton isn’t even a scumbag who sexually assaults women he has power over, you’ll never hear it spelled out by the media for the low-information crowd the GOP is cursed with having to convince every four years. Do you think John Stewart’s going to help us out with that? Hell, no.

Rather than getting bogged down in that swamp, go the McCain route. It doesn’t matter that Obama’s a socialist. It does matter that he’s a crooked Chicago scumbag. And he’s surrounded by the worst people on earth.

Why hasn’t anybody made the case for Obama and his buddies as the cause of the housing crisis? It’s not like it’s all that hard a case to make; Obama used to sue banks for not making mortgage loans to people who couldn’t afford to pay those mortgages back in Chicago. Obama got attorney’s fees, the banks got a degraded loan portfolio – plus a federal bailout – and the poor folks in Chicago got mortgages they couldn’t handle – and a foreclosure and busted credit rating to boot.

And the taxpayers got a good, solid rogering. No lubricant available, sorry to say.

Nobody from Fannie and Freddie ever went to jail. In fact, nobody from Wall Street went to jail over the 2008 crash. And Romney’s campaign didn’t point this out?

They didn’t talk about Blago and the fact that Obama’s Senate seat was up for sale to the highest bidder, and the same Chicago federal prosecutor who actually prosecuted Scooter Libby for the crime of remembering something which was not actually illegal differently from the way Tim Russert remembered it was never curious about what Obama’s involvement in the Blago case was? And that same prosecutor now works at a Chicago law firm with one of Obama’s key insider fundraisers as the managing partner?

Where was the emphasis on Solyndra, Fisker and the rest of the well-connected rent-seekers who gave big, sweaty rolls of campaign cash to Obama in return for even bigger, sweatier rolls of YOUR money after the fact?

Romney should have run a campaign with one central theme – namely that the Obama administration is nothing but one giant long con on the American people, and everything it does is aimed at stealing money from taxpayers in order to shovel it to their friends and supporters. That Obama came out of the most corrupt city and the most corrupt state in the union and brought all of that filth with him to Washington. And that for Obama to decry Romney’s greed in engaging in consensual business in search of an honest profit only shows the lack of shame – after all, Obama’s wealth came from writing an autobiography we now know was a pack of lies and his million-dollar house came courtesy of a sleazy, scummy real estate deal with Tony Rezko, who is now in prison. Romney could say that he’s never been known to cheat those he’s done business with, whereas Obama has done nothing but lie and cheat his entire life – and so have his friends.

Everybody thinks Washington is corrupt. Everybody thinks the connected folks are raping the federal treasury. And the RNC didn’t use that against Obama?

This party had better learn to fight in the sewers with these people. They’d better learn how to go for the throat and discredit Democrats the way that gang of sleazeballs has learned to attack them.

McCain understands this. The National Review crowd, bless their hearts, is too wrapped up in policy to see it.

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