Ramping Up The Landrieu-Biden-GunGrabber Connection

Yesterday, we noted that the Louisiana Republican Party plans to use the gun control issue as a club to beat Mary Landrieu’s 2014 re-election prospects with, and particularly in light of Saturday’s Act Blue fundraiser for Landrieu starring Vice President Joe Biden – President Obama’s chief gun-grabber.

Today we see unmistakable evidence of those plans. This morning Roger Villere, the LAGOP chairman, demanded that Landrieu stiff Biden at her own fundraiser. The press release…

On Saturday, January 26, President Obama’s point man for his gun control proposals, Vice-President Joe Biden, will be in New Orleans to raise money for Senator Mary Landrieu’s reelection campaign. Republican Party of Louisiana Chairman Roger Villere, Jr. today called on Senator Landrieu to cancel the Biden event in light of the Vice President’s crusade to violate the US Constitution.

“Senator Landrieu’s plan to hold an event in Louisiana featuring ‘gun-grabbin’ Joe Biden is a slap in the face to every Louisiana citizen who believes in the US Constitution,” Villere said. “I call on Senator Landrieu to cancel this event and to inform Mr. Biden that he is not welcome in Louisiana, where we still support the rule of law.”

“Senator Landrieu has already violated her oath of office to support the Constitution by casting the deciding vote for Obamacare and stealing money from Medicare recipients to do so,” he said. “Now is Mary Landrieu’s chance to stand up for the people of Louisiana and the Second Amendment, instead of slapping us again by hosting Biden at this very sensitive time in our nation’s history.”

In 2012, an overwhelming majority of Louisiana voters approved the Riser Constitutional Amendment supported by Governor Jindal, the NRA and the LAGOP, which gives Louisiana the strongest state constitutional gun protection in the country. Now, President Obama is threatening to have the federal government infringe upon our constitutional rights again.

“We need a Senator who will strongly stand up for Louisiana and our 2nd amendment rights. Now is the time to see if Senator Landrieu will stand with Louisiana or if she will kowtow to her liberal friends in DC,” Villere said.

Landrieu currently has a “C” rating with the National Rifle Association and has previously supported anti-gun measures.

“Ms. Landrieu’s ‘C’ rating stands for “completely unacceptable,” Villere said.

Vice-President Biden is hosting the high dollar fundraiser for Senator Landrieu at the Ritz Carlton in New Orleans. It will take place this Saturday at 4 p.m.

An unreasonable demand? Of course. Landrieu will ignore it and probably not even offer a response – because Democrats don’t feel the need to apologize or back down, unlike Republicans.

But it’s not particularly good for Landrieu to be tied to Biden as she seeks re-election. Biden isn’t popular with anybody in Louisiana. And calling attention to the fact that Landrieu is beholden to Biden thanks to his headlining Saturday’s fundraiser works nicely for the state GOP.

Thus the press release with as wild a demand as possible in an effort to move the media needle. Unless someone stokes a controversy about it, the Louisiana media will neglect Biden’s visit as much as possible.

The next step would be a protest outside the event at the Ritz Carlton attacking Biden as a violator of 2nd Amendment rights (and a doofus), and Landrieu as a willing accomplice. THAT will get media attention.



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