SARGE: Hillary To The Pillory

Hillary Clinton finally addressed Congress after recuperating from a skull-dent she suffered because of excessive travel requirements giving her an accumulation of Frequent Flyer Miles capable of transporting half of Somalia around the world on junkets to find rice cakes and powdered milk. She also suffered some form of clot (other than the one she’s married to) in her head and that too delayed her answering questions as to how she dropped the ball and got four Americans killed in Ben Casey or some other ancient TV locale.

After reading her statements and almost bringing Crocodilian Lacrimation (crocodile tears) into the fray, Hillary endured endless thanks for her service and sacrifice and strength and wonderfulness and her having saved all females from abject social destitution and enslavement at the hands of men across the globe. Her sacrifice is duly noted. I wept real tears because it hurts when you suffer involuntary projectile vomitus. If much more saccharine salutation was to be endured the entire viewing public would have died of artificial diabetes or suffered uncontrolled diarrhea because excess usage of artificial sweeteners can have that effect.

She also popped her cork and asked after being questioned, closely and aggressively. Senators Johnson, John McCain and Rand Paul let her know just how little they appreciate her alleged incompetence in office. As the Church Lady would say: “It was special!”

She demanded of Johnson in her petulant rant voice leaving all but her husband Bill quaking in their boots (yeah Right!): “With all due respect, the fact is we had four dead Americans. Was it because of a protest or was it because of guys out for a walk last night who decided to kill some Americans? What difference at this point does it make? It is our job to figure out what happened and do everything we can to prevent it from ever happening again, Senator.”

What bothers me is the fact NOT ONE of the Republicans had the Mental Dexterity to state (when Hillary blew her cool) that those lies were emblematic of the relationship between the Obama Administration and the American people. If an administration hack is seen with moving lips, a lie is being told to the American people. It bothers me that the Republicans are constantly and consistently too slow and dull and dimwitted to capitalize on the opportunities left prostrate on the floor like dead fish stinking up the environment. The people are forced to determine if the fish in fact is dead or if it’s a taxidermist’s rendition and spoiled fish oil growing more and more rancid by the moment. Republicans are as stupid as the Democrats they can’t threaten. It’s a poor fisherman can’t catch a netted fish.

The Republicans had their chance in the Senate and blew it like a Bugler with one lip. They were there. They started to make it an effort to be remembered. But, in finality it was more “poot than toot” and instead of rallying the troops to charge forward and seize the day, the cavalry troopers witnessing the non-clarion call, turned in their saddles, and asked each other; “what the hell was that?”

Hillary walked off into the sunset to await her trip to the House of Representatives after lunch with her handlers. Geronimo should have been so lucky.

Hillary, the difference is this; those four Americans are dead because you, Obama and Congress let them down. Obama deserted them. The State Department’s bloated and ineffectual as well as ineffective. That which is ineffectual weakly applies energy in an ill-advised way and doesn’t produce a desired effect. That in turn shows how ineffective the State Department has become during your watch.

The difference it can make is while lying to the American public to protect your flank and Obama’s fanny (buttocks), you and your colleagues, including Congress, woefully deny the real entrenched workers the necessities required when serving in hostile areas. There should never be a debate or refusal to move already allotted funds to safeguard the lives of our representatives in foreign locales.

Thanks Hillary. Now get lost before you get somebody else killed.

Thanks for listening.



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