SARGE: Land Of The Odd

This is another one of those days you have to wonder why supposedly intelligent people can’t see what they’re doing is contrary to the Constitution they allegedly swore to support and protect from enemies foreign and domestic. Charles Schumer (D-NY) asked retailers to stop selling firearms voluntarily while Congress debates actions to completely destroy the average American citizens’ right to keep and bear arms for their personal protection.

Schumer might as well ask retailers to stop breathing because the way Congress addresses ANY issue guarantees we’ll not see results until Hell freezes over. The land of OZ is a storybook place immortalized by L. Frank Baum. Washington D.C. is the Land of the ODD. If its inhabitants’ actions were transcribed and presented as a script for a movie; it would be categorized as a farce.

First Schumer; the retailer makes his living by selling things. To ask him to sit on his inventory assures he doesn’t profit from his investment and therefore earns NO money to keep his business alive. Secondly, people want these items he’s trying to sell. They want them very much. Why? Because idiots such as you want them to NOT have what they want. They ask why you don’t want them to have these items. Is it because you (a wealthy person) can rent armed, personal protection agents, and have access to armed personal protection agents as a member of Congress; they feel they’re threatened by your power? And you’re threatened by theirs?

Isn’t that really what it’s all about with you anti-constitutionalists: the POWER?

Schumer is one of the major mouthpieces for stripping Americans of their fundamental rights under the Bill of Rights. He should be forced to live in areas where law enforcement is scarce and overly stressed by the crimes committed in their neighborhoods. It’s obvious; “A liberal is a conservative who hasn’t been mugged yet.” Obviously Schumer’s never suffered the long-lasting terroristic aftermath of being violently assaulted. You want to fight to maintain your status quo; to keep what you worked for that another would steal.

Schumer’s only a symptom of a greater peril we have in Washington. He and his cronies are clueless. They’re witless, as evidenced by the stupid commentary. They’re out of touch with their constituents. They care nothing for people not in their districts because they don’t harvest votes from people they can’t confront and confuse.

Schumer should walk alone through neighborhoods not of his economic stratum. He should walk the means streets of Washington D.C., a place with some of the strictest gun control laws and see crime isn’t always about guns. It’s strong-arm robbery, where people are beaten and pounded until they release their grip on their pension and welfare checks. It’s about sexual abuse and rape and spousal abuse by those stronger against those weaker and less able to physically match the strength of the attacker. The subject becomes about criminal gangs beating kids into submission as forced laborers in criminal enterprises against the workers, the extorted shop-owners and the terrorized neighborhoods controlled by the gang’s violent and soul shredding fear-mongering.

Get out of queue in the cocktail and canapé circuit and see what you want to do to people in America. You’d force Americans to cower in fear. You cinch the shackles around their legs with restrictions on their rights of movement, their liberties; their rights to congregate freely with whom they want and at any time they want. You enslave, purely by self-serving congressional edict, those you claim to protect and serve.

Americans don’t cower. The blood red stripes of our flag represent the bloody sacrifice of our forebears. The white stripes are the purity of the cause; to be free and secure in our place as the DIRECTORS of government and not its subjects. And the blue is for our understanding our rights are God-given, eternal and not mutable by petty dictators thinking they are the sole arbiters of what is right and good.

To this I say: “Pay NO attention to the fool behind the curtain! It’s Schumer and he has no clue.”

Thanks for listening.

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