Obama Wants To Nominate Jack Lew As The Treasury Secretary…

…and Jeff Sessions, who might be the top Republican budget hawk in the Senate (yes, yes, there are a scant few of them, but Sessions is legitimately in that number), is apoplectic about it.

Sessions is the ranking Republican on the Senate Budget Committee. Today he put his foot down about Lew, who is now Obama’s chief of staff.

“Jack Lew must never be Secretary of the Treasury,” Sessions said. “His testimony before the Senate Budget Committee less than two years ago was so outrageous and false that it alone disqualifies.”

What is Sessions talking about? He’s talking about this…

Cock. And. Bull.

Only in Washington would such a patently dishonest – and inartfully dishonest, at that – performance allow for increased job prospects.

We’re going to have big fights about Chuck Hagel and John Brennan, and rightly so, and it’s regrettable that we won’t have a colossal fight over pompous twit John Kerry as Secretary of State, but Lew is every bit as lousy as those clowns are.

What’s certainly true, though, is that this sets up as the worst second term of any presidential administration in American history.

Exit question: is it better to just let Obama fill his cabinet with this collection of degenerates and yes-men, and then point out the fires as they set them? Certainly, stopping someone like Lew from assuming control of the federal treasury is a service to one’s nation, but if it isn’t Lew it will certainly be someone just as terrible, no? Would our readers agree with the proposition that the GOP is better served in attempting to destroy the Democrat Party so that there might be some opportunity to rebuild from Obama’s second term than in fighting small battles over personnel?

Not to criticize Sessions in asking that question, mind you. He’s certainly well within his purview to point out the poor quality of Obama’s Treasury nominee.

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