SARGE: Smoke-Filled Rooms

My friend was a football coach. He’s got a great personality, has retired from one outstanding career and is lighting up the stage while working in his second career. The man’s a leader. He’s noted for his dedication toward everything he involves himself in. He’s the cream raised to the top of a bottle of soon to be clabbered milk.

The reason my friend’s no longer a football coach is he refuses to watch videos of other teams and gain insight into their thought processes through research. “I don’t care what they do! My boys will continue to work on our playbook and perfect our technique until we win!” is his statement. And his theory worked until recently. Then the win/loss stats started showing an obvious increase on the loss side as opposing teams began punching holes in my friend’s team’s defense. At the end of the season he decided to devote himself to other pursuits.

People in politics tend to group themselves into enclaves and perceived “secret” societies allowing them to bond with people holding the same values. This produces a dedicated, like-minded cadre of people to engage your political foes with. But too often these people meet in caucuses and smoke-filled rooms. Dedicated cadres devolve into groups forgetful of their base belief system. They morph into something inexplicably conciliatory rather than confronting the issues they claim to abhor. They don’t call the opposition’s falsehoods lies. In their submissive compliance they become complicit in those lies.

The problem with meeting in smoke-filled rooms is nobody ever opens a window so there can be some fresh air allowed in and newer ideas tried to gain acceptable results. The smoke is never recirculated. It’s stale and leaden with the toxins modern tobacco products are noted for. These toxins attack the hosts pulling in the smoke as fully dedicated smokers and then kill their comrades slowly through the ingestion of second-hand smoke. Add in the “special” effect of somebody’s Bean and Chile’ double burrito being leaked into the enclosed environment and the death becomes slow and agonizing.

John Boehner refuses to watch Beaurat Obama’s game tapes. Boehner’s been coaching the elephantine structure the Republican Party has become and he’s getting results much similar to my buddy. He’s losing regularly and obviously. But, it’s Boehner’s stance his team will continue to work from their playbook while trying to perfect their offense when the defense clearly needs more attention.

Now I’ll chap-off every conservative to the point of colonic disruption. Beaurat Obama is probably the most honest politician to step on the political stage in years. He said he was going to fundamentally change America and he’s doing it. He’s telegraphed every pitch he’s thrown. The Republicans have been reading their own outdated playbook accentuating flashy rhetoric with no power of conviction. They issue bombastic statements of high umbrage they backpedal to avoid appearing intransigent and argumentative. They cave when Obama says “Boo”. Boehner wants to be loved and cries when somebody spits on his teddy bear.

The Republican Party advertises a desire for bipartisanship when Obama and the Democrats have clearly indicated and then stated outright: it’s our way or the highway. Lately the Republicans have sheepishly but willingly climbed into the back of Obama’s bus and sat silent while he and his party drives the country toward a sunset concealing its destruction in the washed out and known failure of fascist/corporatist/socialist economics. Politics is led by economics.

The Republicans, in their smoke filled-rooms have been inhaling excessive tar holding solidifying its coating; obscuring their principles. Republicans are ingesting the formaldehyde-like toxin of Progressive politics. They’re ignoring the fact they’re suffocating. Benzene, a noted carcinogen, is noted in the slow, deadly break-down in ideological direction Republicans have taken toward Progressivism. Carbon monoxide displaces oxygen/nutrient rich elements of fresh concepts, newer pursuits and different tactics like employing integrity and honesty to attack Obama’s distortions and lies in open combat.

Boehner and his choking, afflicted, smoke-filled room Washington co-tenants need to remember where they came from before they entered the room. They lived in the real world where the air freshens daily with us.

Thanks for listening.



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