SARGE: Techno-Stupidity Enhancement

Life is intruding into the idyllic settings I’ve come to appreciate as being a part of home. Today, there’s sunshine and an increasing sense of well-being displacing the drear of the last three weeks. Rain came and stayed to the point of flooding neighborhoods and displacing people from their lives and the security we all seek daily. It’s been traumatic for many.

When you live in a rural area, you live where values are different for the most part. In cities the pace is quicker than you expect in a place like New Roads, Erwinville and the like. We’re small communities unlike Baton Rouge, New Orleans or Shreveport. Even in those locales, differing value systems are based on population. Our populations in the country are more likely to start a conversation with “how’s your Mama” than we are to start any interaction with a discussion of the stock market and/or national politics.

That was until now.

The tawdry, creeping element of techno-stupidity enhancement is intruding into the integrity of small-town character and its development. Radio has been diluting the intellectual blood-lines of thought and valuation for nearly a century. Television enhanced the problem over the last half-century. News and entertainment have been force-fed to rural America for a long time and for the most part people here have participated in the movement toward better education and understanding of the world surging forward around them. Prejudices are peddled like washing powder

What’s good about this? We ask because of the basis of this effort; character development. Does the overload of technologically enhanced and overly abundant characterizations of what the producers of this information want you to ascribe to and advance in your own right really have a basis in reality? Just whose values are being pushed and advanced? Why is the effort so powerful? What purpose does it pursue?

MTV has “BUCKWILD” a video-presentation extolling the “lifestyle” of rural West Virginia practiced by late teenage and early “twenty-somethings”. From what I’ve observed, the flagrant ignorance of social propriety are exhibited in excessive drinking, poor social interaction resulting in physical combat and dangerous behaviors. The Redneck Lifestyle accepted by people outside of the community in question is the reason for this production. The furtherance of a negative stereotype assures people on the outside looking in, are validated in their belief anybody not raised in the city are really dense and thus subhuman. Firearms are mishandled and every stereotype the producers can inject into the narrative is rammed home with the directed actions of the participants. It’s sad.

But, to assure no race is held above the chance to be insulted and stereotyped, The Oxygen Network approved of and went into pre-production and development with this jewel to be placed in their crown: All My Babies’ Mamas”.

This was a storyline showcasing a rap “performer’s” eleven children and his ten “baby mamas”. It was to be a “reality” show depicting the daily interaction between the members of this “family” and the hierarchical positioning of the “baby mamas”. The oldest ”baby mama” commands directorial privileges and responsibilities in this mess with latter “productive” young women privileged to have been impregnated by this dog in man’s clothing falling into alignment  and obedient subservience to the one higher than she.

Meanwhile the sperm donor, a clown named “Shawty Lo”, made the statement that each birth was something that wasn’t his fault, it was something that “just happened”. I would suggest if Mr. “Lo” had control of his teeny weenie we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

Just where in hell is the community’s self-esteem and pride?

The citizens of West Virginia need better representatives than these stupid people portrayed as representative of the area’s culture. And the Black community showed real intelligence by vociferously protesting the publication of “All My Babies’ Mamas” and causing its cancellation. But the effort to portray Black American citizens as over-sexed and irresponsible droids only interested in their personal pleasures over the truth Black families are some of the most conservative and god-fearing of people deserves censure.

The displacement of “country values” in favor of celebrity is disturbing.

Thanks for listening.



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