The NRA Plays Class Warfare Game With Obama On Gun Control

Hey, why not? Obama won by demonizing Mitt Romney as an elitist, out-of-touch plutocrat. You can’t get more plutocratic and elitist than a guy who lives in the White House and sends his kids to Sidwell Friends. So…

The Left is going kookoobananas over this, saying it’s out of bounds to talk about Obama’s kids…while he surrounds himself with kids to sign those executive orders which would, among other things, turn doctors into federal informants on whose snitchings the authorities could deny you your 2nd Amendment rights.

And by the way, in the abstract it might seem like a good idea to enlist the medical community – and in particular the psychiatric community – in gun control efforts. After all, mental health screenings as part of a background check could prevent a James Holmes from getting his weapons, right?

Except the gun-grabbing lefties who would insist upon this as a reasonable measure also waste no time in decrying people who express concern over the new wave of 2nd Amendment infringements as “paranoid.” Paranoia, of course, is a mental health issue. So when they diagnose you as paranoid for defending your 2nd Amendment rights, they’re saying you’re crazy – and nobody wants crazy people to have guns.

See how that works?

Armed with that, let’s consider how such an idea could be abused.

Consider how many people have been diagnosed with depression and are on medication for it. Or consider how many kids they’ve diagnosed with ADHD and put on psychotropic medication. Yes, Holmes and Lanza and Loughner and the rest appear to have been part of that story – but how many millions of kids grew up without becoming monsters like that despite being medicated per the psychiatric community’s wishes and are normal people now? How many of them would now be denied a gun because of that history?

This is a sneaky, dishonest, back-door way to lay the 2nd Amendment bare for the pickings. And it’ll seem so reasonable – right up until it begins to be abused.

Because after all, a kid who was a pain in the ass in school and was subsequently doped up with Ritalin or Zoloft and is now a relatively normal grownup who’d like to have a hunting rifle or a gun for home protection, or both, and can’t get a permit…how sympathetic is he, anyway? Who cares about him, right? He’s probably a creep for wanting those guns and he was a creep when he was a kid. So why shouldn’t we take precautions about his rights?

They know what they’re doing, and it’s evil. It’s flagrant. And they won’t treat themselves that way; just look at how easily James O’Keefe exposed their hypocrisy.

So yeah – the NRA should be just as shameless and nasty and personal in their treatment of Obama. We love this ad.



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