SARGE: Early To Bed, Early To Rise…

Sunrise is something I witness daily. Early to bed, early to rise makes man … Oh what the heck! I get up early and am no wiser. I’m surely not healthier than anybody else. But I get up early.

I have a chance to see what God has wrought. Today it’s fog; a cool mist hanging in the air, keeping the birds quiet and tentative in their nests. Even the rooster next door forgot he’s the herald of new day.  To me that’s not a bad thing but the quiet is nice.

Lately, the political world has taken hold of my attention and brought a rant forth daily. It’s what I do because I see injustice where injustice exists. I don’t temper the words describing people doing things they know aren’t right for our people and us as a nation. I speak plainly and sometimes impolitely to get a point across. Honey flavored lies spoken from the comb of a liar and his minions are still lies and do more damage than the sharpest stinger in the hive.

As I said – today it’s fog. Fog is concealing in its concentrated dew point hanging in air, cooling and tempering the passions we all develop daily. For some it’s the passion they hold for work. For others, it’s a matter of taking that labor and seeing it used as a platform for good. They use it as a diving platform allowing them to pass fluidly into the test, penetrating the surface resistance and becoming a part of a world many others never see. They are one with the element.

Other days, it’s a matter of watching the clouds drop powerful beads washing the grime away from a day needing care and comfort. That fluid loosens the dirt and despair from our existence. It brightens the surface structure and allows us an opportunity to stomp in puddles and dance in the droplets. It’s never a bad thing to return to your childhood and simply FEEL without concerns of embarrassment of censure.

Being goofy isn’t against the law unless it impedes traffic or something. Or, maybe some dolt can’t remember how to feel as opposed to automatically complaining.

There are enough problems in the world to keep our attention these days. Politics pollutes everything. The cause and effect of self-serving intrigues and the effort to cast an influential net over all they come into contact with are not the foundational supports we need to sustain our mental and emotional health. Politics is an irritant; a manufactured aggravation designed to distract and confuse the simplistic need man has to be a part of community. It’s so weird.

Morning is a time of introspection. It’s a chance to look inside and decide what good you will do today. How will you enliven and help your brothers and sisters so they can seek the joy you’re willing to set before them so they can emulate it? How can you show you care for them as individuals? Can you set aside your troubles and problems to help somebody else find solutions in their lives? It’s a big responsibility.

We’re brought into this world for a purpose decided by a higher power. Some call that higher power God. Others call the power god. For those who believe there’s the chance to find peace without acknowledging any form of deity, it still remains the solution comes from being outside of yourself and away from your selfish needs, wants and desires. Good luck in your pursuits. Whatever you capture will be shared with the people you live with and you’re expected to be a part of the whole community.

This is all written because of a need to understand what’s going on within. It can’t be determined until you step out and look inward from a position of critical analysis designed not to be significantly negative but to be acceptant of the new knowledge accrued. You must inspect motivation and assure it’s not self-interested, egotistical and venal. The knowledge purely sought for the betterment of all by the advancement of self is paramount; or it’s all for nothing.

Have a wonderful day.

Thanks for listening.



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