Drew Brees On Cam Cameron

By now y’all all know that Miles is hiring Cam Cameron to be LSU’s new offensive coordinator, right? The grapevine says Cameron was on campus yesterday and met with all the folks. And that they finished up a deal.

I dunno when they’re gonna announce it, but supposedly it’s done.

Which means you can start rippin’ Cam Cameron a new one. About how he got fired by Harbaugh #1 in Baltimore in December, and about how the fans over there used to rip him for (1) bein’ too conservative and (2) not gettin’ the ball to Ray Rice enough.

Yeah, I know. Goofy, right? But fans don’t need to be real consistent in their complaints. Either you score a lot or the offensive coordinator sucks.

Cameron made this guy Flacco into a Super Bowl MVP quarterback, which ain’t a half-bad accomplishment. Flacco’s mediocre.

But before that he made Drew Brees into a Pro Bowl quarterback, which has showed up since Brees moved to New Orleans.

You wanna know what Drew Brees said about Cam Cameron? OK, fine. Here…

You mentioned in your book that Cam Cameron was one of the few guys in the organization that believed in you all along. What did he mean to your career?

“He was huge. Cam was huge in my career. I was with him for four years. He was the offensive coordinator while I was in San Diego for those last four years.

That was a time in my career where during that stretch I got benched three or four times, they ended up drafting Philip Rivers. Cam was pretty much the one who broke the news to me. My postseason exit meeting with him after the ’03 season I went in his office, shut the door and (he said) I’m just telling you they’re either going to go out and get a free agent veteran quarterback to come in here or they’re going to draft a rookie high to compete with you. Just get ready for that. I feel like he was always very honest with me. He always did things to try to get the best out of me. There was a time or two where we would butt heads, but I think that was all part of the process of him trying to mold me into the type of quarterback he knew I could be, the type of person he knew I could be, leader and I appreciate him for that.

I love the man. I think he’s a great coach and obviously I had a lot of great years with him.”

That ain’t bad, right?

Here’s somethin’ interesting. With the Chargers Cameron also coached Philip Rivers a little – he was Breesus’ backup QB the last two years Cameron was there. And at LSU, Cameron’s gonna be coachin’ Rivers’ brother Steven, who’s LSU’s backup QB.

There are people who’ll tell you that Cameron’s hiring don’t mean much, as Miles is gonna run the offense no matter who his offensive coordinator is. I ain’t one of that crowd – I don’t think Cam Cameron comes to LSU without Miles givin’ him a guarantee that he’s got the reins to himself.

Cameron apparently had an offer to be the Montreal Alouettes head coach in the CFL. He turned it down for a college job, albeit at one of the top schools. Chances are he’s not gonna come here to be a lawn jockey.

Because his history indicates that when you monkey around in his rice bowl this guy’s like a wolverine. Harbaugh #1 found that out when he decided to sit on the ball before halftime of the Redskins game last year, and Cameron jumped his grill in the locker room. The fight got so serious that Harbaugh #1 pulled the plug on him after the game.

Which Cameron told the New York Times was a brilliant move, as it shook up the team and got people motivated.

In other words, he’s like a honey badger. He don’t give a shit. And Miles ain’t any more likely to control this honey badger than he was the last one.

Which is probably a good thing, given that Miles is gettin’ a guy who’s been one of the better offensive coordinators in the NFL the last several years. Turn him loose and let him do his thing.

And by the way, his thing is that he throws to the backs and tight ends a lot, he runs the ball between the tackles a lot and he likes a lot of play action passes, and particularly bombs down the field.

Some of which is right up Miles’ alley. The backs and tight ends catchin’ lots of passes would be a little new, but the rest of it looks pretty similar to what Miles wants.

Maybe that’ll help Miles leave him alone, too.

Either way, with John Chavis and Cam Cameron LSU’s got a pair of coordinators who are the biggest-name guys they’ve had since Miles’ first couple – Jimbo Fisher and Bo Pelini. And those guys didn’t really turn into big names until later; Chavis and Cameron are pretty big names now.



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