SARGE: Fall Of The Ho-Man’s Empire

It’s been interesting to watch the firing of Chief of Police DeWayne White by the Baton Rouge Police Union. OH! I’m sorry. I meant to say by Mayor Kip Holden through his sword-bearer, William Daniel.

The Holden Administration appears similar to the Roman Empire. In the waning years of the empire (after they realized Caesar was NOT a god) it became understood he who holds the sword at the throat of Caesar hold sway in the words Caesar speaks. It was the Roman Legions selected succeeding Caesars by the way they catered to the needs, wishes and directions of the army.

In the case of the “Ho-man’s Empire” (Baton Rouge) it appears Caesar (Holden) dances to the tune of the Legion (Baton Rouge Police Union). Please assure me I’m wrong because it appears obvious who controls the reins in this chariot race. The aftermath of any chariot race is there’s more manure available than there was before the race.

In a copyrighted piece in The Hayride dated 2-8-2013, Police Sergeant Chris Stewart of the Baton Rouge Police Union said: “We want to express our support for Mayor Kip Holden’s steps to end the most tumultuous era within the Baton Rouge Police Department. Like Mayor Holden, we are truly disappointed with the lack of leadership exhibited by Chief DeWayne White.”

An era is a commonly used word for long periods of time. Less than two years is an era? While it could be said by either White or the Union it seemed interminable in the sense of time passing slowly while NOBODY is having fun, two years isn’t very long. But members of the African-American community and the Parish Council seemed unsettled by Chief White’s dismissal.

Councilman Trae Welch said. “I would like to know what happened. If there was a problem, then we should have been informed.”

Councilwoman Donna Collins-Lewis said she thought White was doing a good job building relationships with the (Black) community “in a way that maybe other chiefs hadn’t.”

Councilwoman Tara Wicker advised she thought the Police Department was moving in a positive direction under White’s leadership.

It seems the horse wants to direct the course of travel rather than the Teamster in the wagon’s seat. “Rather than work with us to address this issue, Chief White chose to publicly attack our organization and its members without provocation in an attempt to shift the blame for the failure of his leadership.” Stewart made it plain the union objected to White saying BRPD was top-heavy with highly paid personnel “retired-in-place” (allegedly doing little-to-nothing daily) and that the union was his largest obstacle to effecting change in the department.

It appears to NOT be too far from the truth.

Police work is an easily abused position of authority. You have the full confidence of the state, parish or city that you’ll NOT abuse that power. You’re expected to go beyond the normal limits of human endurance by witnessing human events would emotionally destroy less dedicated people. You’re expected to run toward the event all others are running from and you’re expected to stay the course until you or the offensive incident is vanquished-terminally. Because of this you occasionally find people expecting a certain amount of favoritism shown them because of the work they do or did. It’s thought to be a perk eventually earned for the dangers regularly faced.

And that’s what unions do. They protect and wield the power of the mob and the strength of their self-serving purposes. They support those who fear that power and leech off of the strengths of the warriors they fear. Unions choose their leaders until they have no more use for them. They can betray the people’s trust while alienating the communities needing them most.

Pay attention Kippy. The “Fall of the Ho-man’s Empire” is a controversy away. If there’s a big enough push, you could have consolidated law enforcement under an elected Sheriff removing ANY control the Mayor could have over law enforcement. People tend to work more efficiently when they can be fired at any time and Mayors have no union.

Good luck with that.

Thanks for listening.



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