SARGE: Power Points

While trying to scare the pants off of another audience vetted and selected for their lemming-like adherence to his talking points, Beaurat Obama made a statement people shouldn’t focus on the next election; they should better focus on the next generation.


This man’s assured us our children will carry a share of a $16T dollar debt (as of this morning) well into their futures and lasting to a point in time long after our generation has moldered in the grave; and he says we should focus on the next generation’s future? What future? They’re already indentured to pay a debt they did nothing to accrue but he uses to merrily claim success in re-directing America’s economic perils.

This is the way the man plays the game. He works specific Power Points as he needs them. On this occasion it was our need to be assured the he and his Democrat henchmen have the best interests of the future Commanders-in-Chief in their best interests.

To a different audience he slammed another Power Point home by declaring Illegal Aliens confined to jails across America might be released because of looming Sequestration Cuts. He and Congress never suffer; you and yours are continually threatened.

Obama, with the instigation of Jack Lew (his co-conspirator) demanded Sequestration become a major aspect of past budget battles because it would force Congress to raise taxes. Now, he claims what he said isn’t what he said because the Republicans agreed to the Sequestration because it would force Obama to make cuts. This is a classic case of the right hand not knowing what the left is bringing up under the sheets. (Obama is left handed.)

So now we know why he’s always so happy when he scares the dickens out of us. If I got my jollies based on the self-satisfying action of tripping an inept opponent like the Republicans, I’d probably have a pretty good day on a regular basis too. Remember; it’s not the destination, it’s the journey makes you feel good. And with John Boehner to match wits with on a regular basis Obama must think himself an Einstein going into a political gunfight with a witless, unarmed man.

Obama is nothing if not totally self-assured.

This administration is led by a community organizer adept at the tenets of organization under the Rules for Radicals © compiled and published by Saul Alinsky. It was Alinsky’s organizational skills and flair for fertilizing the consciousness of anti-establishment youth and labor interests made William F. Buckley praise him as “very close to being an organizational genius.” Combine Obama’s home life and the effect of being raised by communist grandparents and a Marxist mother you see how we’ve gotten to the point of “fundamentally changing America”.

Alinsky said (and it’s evident Obama believes it): “A People’s Organization is a conflict group, [and] this must be openly and fully recognized. Its sole reason in coming into being is to wage war against all evils which cause suffering and unhappiness. A People’s Organization is the banding together of large numbers of men and women to fight for those rights which insure a decent way of life. A People’s Organization is dedicated to an eternal war… War is not an intellectual debate, and in the war against social evils there are no rules of fair play. A People’s Organization lives in the midst of smashing forces, dashing struggles, sweeping cross-currents, ripping passions, conflict, confusion, seeming chaos, the hot and the cold, the squalor and the drama, which people prosaically refer to as life… (Rules for Radicals © 1971)

But, who decides what’s evil? Who decides the fights to be picked and the wounds to be picked open like scabs never allowed to heal? Who determines what is best for you and me and how did they get to the point of anointing themselves our saviors and thus assure their ascendancy to Stalinesque heights? Who decides what “fundamental changes” must be made and are they aware of the consequences of their actions?

An ideologue is defining all we’ve known and hold dear as being evil. When will you understand it’s your children in jeopardy?

Thanks for listening.



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