SARGE: The Other Shoe Drops On Obamacare

For those thinking the Affordable Care Act aka Obamacare won’t be as bad as originally feared, I bring greetings and this message: Baloney!

All of that crap about “you like your doctor? You can keep your doctor!” is nothing but crap. The liar didn’t bother to mention the other people involved in this statement. It didn’t mention what so many of us were aware of and trying to tell people: your doctor may not be able to keep you.

I received a letter from my Endocrinologist. He’s treated my Diabetes for years. He’ll do that no longer. Obamacare has made it more difficult than he was ready to deal with. The new regulations, extra paperwork and the onerous process needed to complete it all pertain to insurances and Medicare. It’s forced him into a more specialized practice. That means we patients have to pay to play.

“Good Doctor” is changing his practice to a fully “specialized” care program. He’ll accept ONLY a specific number of patients who’ll be willing to accept “annual service agreements”. That means they’ll be paying either in full once annually or in four “easy payments”. It must be asked: are we to be medically serviced like air conditioners or cars and appliances? Are service contracts the way we’re to be culled from the herd because of the deficiencies noted through examination of our insurance policies and the depreciation of funds we’ve paid into a crippled Medicare program?

Yep! It looks like it.

As of July 1st, “Good Doctor” won’t “be participating in ANY healthcare plans, including Medicare.” For those of us over 60 this isn’t good news. The insurance programs are being rejected because of the endless regulations and paperwork compliance proven to strangle a medical practice by overloading the human resources aspect necessary to get the pulp pushed through. Think not? Add two to three people costing $20 to 30 thousand dollars plus Obamacare mandated health insurances for those people plus all their kids approaching 25 years and bankruptcy looms on “Good Doctor’s” horizon. Hence the steps taken to push me and others like me away from the patient list. Obamacare destroys patient care and medical practices with its overwhelming interference in matters they know nothing about. Being herded into government clinics you worked all your life to avoid wrecks your spirit.

Obama is an ideologue and a unidirectional idiot. But people didn’t want to listen. They thought us racist because they were told any protest was based on the color of the idiot’s skin. It wasn’t. It’s based on his inexperience, his self-idolatrous primping, preening and narcissistic personality and his delivery of misinformation and outright lies when demanding capitulation from a spineless Republican Party headed by noodle-neck John Boehner.

Again the Republicans are showing signs of surrender. They’re incapable of movement directed from a man evidently suffering the paralytic toxicity of Political Correctness. Boehner obviously lacks full dedication to the protection of American citizens. When Obama can’t succeed through legislation, Boehner allows him to win by edict. Politics he knows. Decency? Not so much.

Obamacare’s a lie foisted on us with the assent and acceptance of both political parties. The parties are populated by progressives looking out only for themselves. They (as previously noted ad nauseum) are in it only for the bucks and the power. They’ve done nothing to pass a budget. They’ve accomplished NO legislation concerning anything really benefiting Americans. Congress’ garbage debate concerning Gun Control only misdirects the people from getting a really good look at what’s about to be put into practice nationwide: the refusal of doctors to treat because government interference in their practices prohibit it.

But that’s been Obama’s tactic from the beginning: remove the truth from any political discussion and conquer the blinded, hypnotized and witless sycophants adoring him before the Reichstag. Rhetoric and political sleight of hand are his stock in trade. He can make money disappear from your wallet with tax increases. But he can’t make Doctors practice for the wages the government offers.

And the sound of the other shoe dropping indicates it’s fallen into a pile of manure again.

Thanks for listening.



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