SARGE: Washington’s Prophecy

The question often asked is: “whose fault is it for the sad state of affairs in America today”? The answer is simple: it’s the politicians’ fault. Self-serving, power-hungry, and if not morally bereft, at least morally challenged individuals profit from that lack of moral fiber cause our problems. Instead of defining the moral ground on any issue, they determine the path of least resistance assuring they remain in office. They then slither away like serpents seeking a warmer area to bask: until they must do it again.

America suffers from a two-party system. Only the members of the respective national committees of the two parties decide the issues debated, the stances taken in debates and the manner in which those debates are conducted.

George Washington said political parties should be controlled in a free country. A government derived power from the governed people’s consent through popular elections. Washington warned political parties would distract the government from its duty to the people. It could potentially lead to the loss of established freedoms established. Sounds prophetic, doesn’t it?

Some national political consultants (a peculiar breed of vermin) feel they alone know more than the people and the particular political parties they try swaying with polls, studies and insider knowledge. Some say it’s a symbiotic relationship; a relationship where both entities survive off of each other. A remora cleans the shark’s skin keeping it less susceptible to disease. People like Karl Rove are leeches draining the integrity and moral energy of the Republican Party.

Karl Rove is a political consultant accredited with George W. Bush’s successes while in the White House. Rove actually believes his own press releases. As a now freelance political consultant (he performed poorly in the last two elections) he’s developing a Political Action Committee to accumulate funds to counter any outside influence may be suggested by third party elements: like Tea Parties.

The Tea Parties boldly pointed out his incompetence in failing to elect Mitt Romney. Rove’s now telling American citizens they should avoid trying to have a voice in American government. He suggests we shut-up, recognize his majesty and do it his way. As he sees it we’re too stupid to understand it’s only political insiders have the smarts to decide where American government should go in the future.

Rove doesn’t know the difference between a soup bowl and a chamber pot. But he expects us to taste-test the contents of either to prove he’s done his best. Good luck with that.

Senator John McCain, former a rampant Mustang, is now more a broken down nag needing to be put out to pasture. His performance and perfunctory dismissal of citizens at a town-hall session he mismanaged in Phoenix was evidence of his pending dementia. I use the term dementia because I believe it irrational to call your constituent; “a liar and wrong” in his assessment of McCain’s past performance concerning illegal immigrant’s potential amnesty in 2007.

McCain bonded with Ted Kennedy (another element believing his family alone should rule America) concerning Senate Bill 1348 or as it was properly named: The Secure Borders, Economic Opportunity and Immigration Reform Act of 2007. It would’ve provided legal status and citizenship to millions of illegal immigrants residing in the United States. The bill was a compromise between providing a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants and increased border enforcement.  The bill also received heated criticism from both sides of the immigration debate. The bill was introduced on May 9, 2007, but was never voted on.

When Citizen Kent Smith suggested McCain’s collusion with Ted Kennedy, McCain called him “a liar and wrong”. Then McCain protested we’re a Christian nation and suggested we show mercy to people breaking our civil and criminal laws because they mow our lawns and do our laundry: again. Way to go John.

Hopefully in the near future, this will stop. America needs better representation than insiders long past their prime babbling inanities to bolster a badly crumbled foundation of past public service.

We don’t need emasculated has-beens advertising a virility nobody attests to anymore. We need new people having a set; not another dose of Viagra®.

Thanks for listening.



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