SARGE: Sequesterfication

Sequestration causes extensive and mandatory cuts in spending that will go into effect if congress does not reach a budget agreement. That won’t happen because the Democrat controlled Senate has refused to offer a Budget for years. The deadline for sequestration has been extended temporarily (and with great fanfare) to show Congress really cares about the safety and security of the American National Budget. Democrats demanded Sequestration as a form of “trigger” in that it would force the Republicans to pass legislation “raising revenues” aka taxes to support bloated governmental agencies and the programs were developed for them to oversee.

It’s similar to suffering unlimited legislative pregnancies to justify expending funds to supplement their feeding. You stay in good with the profligate mommy and the Democrat ridden Senate gets to act as a benefactor of the masses they created.

Harry Reid, the Senatorial Chamber’s troll beneath the bridge, wanted to assure control of the debt cuts that would crash into place causing unparalleled embarrassment to the Republican Party. Up until that point the Republicans were demanding extensive budget cuts (budget cuts always promised but never delivered by the Democrats) BEFORE they’d consent to increasing taxes on the middle class. Obama and Reid started yammering on the fact Republicans were trying to shift the load onto the back of the middle-class while allowing “fat-cat” millionaires and billionaires to escape paying “their Fair share”.

Obama said: “The sequester is not something that I proposed. It is something Congress has proposed.” We’re supposed to accept the de facto leader of the Democrat Party didn’t assent to his #1 Senate lackey slathering the elephant’s hindquarters in preparation for the colonic to come on January 1st. Yeah, right!

Reid wanted a mechanism to assure there’d be future, deeper cuts and save the Democrats the problem of defaulting on the debt. It’s always been the Democrat’s points to demonize the Republicans with the severely tiring argument Republicans want tax breaks for the wealthy. Then the Democrats set ridiculously LOW defined estimates of what a “wealthy” person earns. As business entities are considered to be “individuals” in both Business Dictionaries and in the Tax Code (no matter what that idiot Elizabeth Warren says), these taxes remove small businesses from growth and profits earned. Increased taxes also curb hiring new employees. The economy stagnates if not shrinks.

The Republicans readily agreed to the “sequester” because it opened possibilities for future negotiation and the chance to push Obama and his crew into an unflattering light in the future. Unfortunately, John Boehner and the Republican hierarchy has spent so much time acquiescing to Democrat demands out of a misplaced and stupid desire to engender bipartisanship, the Democrats decided civility is weakness and exploit that as often as possible.

Now Obama and the Republicans are “playing chicken”, racing toward the precipice like rebels without a clue. It’s really more a game of Russian Roulette with the fully loaded automatic pointed at the head of the Middle Class. Now, in the name of the worthless political intrigue the Republicans have cobbled together a defense of 1.)  Blaming Obama for a failure to exhibit leadership (big deal, you just figured this out?), 2.) point out that job cuts will hurt “the little guy” and 3.) making sure you can embarrass Obama as much as possible by pointing out #1 and #2. This plan is as visionary as trying to find your way out of a dark room with numerous, free-range crocodiles protecting the door while you wear a blindfold. Good luck with that.

Mr. Boehner, the Lame Stream Media is NOT on your side. Hoping Twitter will allow for you to spread the word  that Obama and Reid don’t play fair is a woefully inadequate strategy showing your slow-footed and hobbled mentality are light years behind the sophistication Obama and the Democrats have exhibited.

It troubles me to say this but it’s apparent Mr. Boehner you’re a lousy negotiator and you don’t seem to recognize the dangers of that game of Russian Roulette you’re playing with Obama and Reid.

After all, it’s not your head you all have a gun pointed at it. It’s ours.

Thanks for listening.



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