Remember The War On Women?

That was really something, wasn’t it?

The War On Women was supposedly a Republican thing. It had to do with opposition to Obamacare’s requirement that Catholic institutions act against the teachings of the church and provide insurance which covered birth control, and it had to do with legislative efforts to rein in abortion.

Before you knew it, one stupid comment by a Republican goofball running for the Senate in Missouri attempting to differentiate “legitimate rape” from something else (don’t ask us to explain it) had blown open an entire meme. Mitt Romney’s attempts to explain how he’d hired a lot of women for his administration as governor of Massachusetts became a stupid internet sensation and women were being exhorted to “vote with your lady parts” – whatever that means.

But the War On Women ended with the election, right?

Not really. It just changed management.

Who’s prosecuting a War On Women now?

Democrats are.

And the central front in the current War On Women: rape victims.

You won’t believe this video clip from the legislative debate on Colorado’s unconstitutional new gun control laws, in which a moron state legislator attempts to tell a rape victim that having a gun wouldn’t have helped her fend off her attacker…

The comic troll in the video is Evie Hudak, a state senator and…a Democrat. If you couldn’t tell that just from seeing her face we’d be surprised.

So naturally, this makes it to the national media yesterday, and that led to this…

Who’s more hostile to women? The people who try to put the brakes on abortion, or the people who, by legislation, take the brakes off rapists?

BY THE WAY: On Twitter, Ace Of Spades did a masterful tap-dance on the head of the dunce Colorado senator in the first video.



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