SARGE: CPAC And Exclusivity

The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) rejected certain and specific elements from participating as “co-sponsors” of the conference to be conducted between March 14th and 16Th. The American Conservative Union (ACU) rejected GOProud, a Gay representative group, from participating in a role of sponsorship during the 2013 Conference after having allowed participation at this level during the years 2010 and 2011.

It might seem hypocritical to reject a particular person or group from participation in a conference when you’ve allowed them representation in the past, but CPAC and ACU are rejecting co-sponsorship. There’s no mention of excluding Gay, Lesbians and any other individuals from the scene. The sanction is allegedly because the GOProud group was offensive and negative in their last appearance at CPAC. CPAC has chosen to NOT invite Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey nor will Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell be a speaker at this year’s festivities.

Christie executed the abomination of praising Beaurat Obama for his performance after “Superstorm Sandy”. He fell afoul of the powers that “wannabee” making the decisions of who does and doesn’t appear before the group. The protest against Christie is based on him saying something nice about Obama’s personal performance. This is something we conservatives find conspicuously bad or offensive because it was the performance art the guy’s famous for. His performance art is as transparently offensive as the other lies he’s told during his administration.

But, Christie patted Obama on the back and America won’t have the chance to understand possible ideas available from a man being punished for a political faux pas. Some of us think he should have been chastised but he chose to stand his ground, hit back and say to hell with people who want to behave negatively. That’s his choice: we live with it. Or will we suffer from it?

Bob McDonnell of Virginia ran a “No new taxes!” style campaign. Then he went forward and raised taxes to fund a transportation bill he felt moved the state economy forward. It’s to be remembered when then President George H.W. Bush committed political suicide by saying: “READ MY LIPS! NO NEW TAXES!” That nugget cost him re-election. Now McDonnell has done the same thing early on in his career and the ACU has taken note of it. We see a mini-cut appearing on the blood vessel of another future campaign.

Conservatives are accused of intransigence and ideological entrenchment. We’re seen as  incapable of expanding our worldview and learning to co-exist with those we see as being different or contrary to our individual principles. It’s one thing to display the integrity of stating, standing solidly and staying true to your ideals and it’s another to find us denying others of those same rights we proclaim we and all others should enjoy.

At what point does our claim on principle step on another person’s claim on principles? And, at what point does our rejection of an individual’s lifestyle ruin our chance to hear a new idea that might make sense if delivered by somebody we do agree with?

I’m not here to argue for Gay rights. I don’t care. The Declaration of Independence says all men (and women) are created equal. My thoughts stop there. It says nothing about their sexual preference. That’s personal and something I don’t want to hear about: period.

But the behavior of this group (and Christie and McDonnell) has offended the folks running the show. The people running the show are NOT recognizing that conservatives must become more inclusive of people they dislike based on private behaviors or they’ll continue to lag behind the liars and vote thieves running the Democratic Party. Obama and his people will include anybody can form a voter bloc. They’ll mine the raw voting materials keeping them in power.

If Conservatives want to win elections and direct the course of American government we MUST become adaptive and inclusive as it concerns heretofore unpopular subjects and ideas offered by people we’re not accustomed to dealing with daily. If you want to win you must accept allies where you find them.

You can’t win by being an exclusive, closed minded “good ole boy’s club”.

Thanks for listening.

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