SARGE: A Fearful Leader For The Barackopalypse

I awoke this morning to the clear and present danger I’d awaken again tomorrow. It’s a clear and present danger because I avoided the latest apocalyptic ending of the planet and its inhabitants both human and animal. I assumed when this rapture occurred people such as Bloomberg, Biden, Reid and Pelosi (sounds like a sixties rock band doesn’t it) would be left standing around trying to figure out how to tax a tree for a greater production of sap.

There have been many apocalypses predicted. The Mayans jump to the fore because their observations of celestial movements and equally serious portents, omens and prognostications of holy men, were all backed by the sciences of astrology (?), astronomy and mathematics. So, after celebrating the approach of the end-o’-times with a few human sacrifices and slamming back some hemoglobin cocktails they, instead of perishing in a fiery consumption produced by catastrophic volcanic eruptions, were conquered by a couple of hundred Spaniards with the flu, measles and small pox.

Later in North American history a guy named William Miller decided the world would end in 1844.

Miller was a Baptist preacher believing the world would end and people would be cleansed by fire during ‘Advent”, the period of Christ’s Second Coming. After haranguing the populace and gaining a national audience and adherents to his faith based beliefs, he predicted the end of times would be the tenth day of the seventh month of 1844. When it didn’t happen it was described as the “Great Disappointment” Imagine being disappointed because the world didn’t end.

Jim Jones was a nutcase con-man of the highest order. He couldn’t avoid scrutiny in California so he packed up his 900+ followers and moved to Guyana. When he was placed under Congressional scrutiny he killed the Congressman tracked him to Guyana, then forced his followers to drink poisoned Kool Aid ® while under threat of being machined gunned for their lack of faith. He slid a bullet into his own head. But there was no catastrophic world ending calamity just 900+ fresh souls to inhabit the afterlife because of a nut job with an agenda.

Aum Shinrikyo was (is?)a whack-doodle operation combining Christianity, Yoga and Nostradamus’ prophecies. Shoko Asahara, the leader, said World War III would be caused by the United States bringing about a global holocaust. When this didn’t happen immediately on cue, Asahara’s followers uncapped containers of Sarin Gas, an extremely potent, deadly weapon of mass destruction in the Tokyo subway system, you know, just to help things along.

Davis Koresh’s Branch Davidian cult inhabited a compound in Waco, Texas. He claimed he was the only one could interpret God’s law and he was the only one knew when the world would end. He confined his followers to the compound so he could “protect” them. Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) personnel knew he unlawfully possessed fully automatic weapons and was performing pedophilic acts. They raided the compound resulting in a gunfight. The compound erupting into flames, killing Koresh and those still in the compound with him. This is the one case I know of where conflagration killed the guy making the claims. It was tragically spectacular.

Now we’ve survived another apocalyptic prediction prognosticated from the highest levels a nutcase can aspire to. Beaurat Obama worked his rhetorical mojo-magic and nearly spellbound the American people into believing the world would end (again) if we didn’t do it his way. He assured us birds would fall from the sky, the earth would swallow us up and government as we know it would cease to function. (That’s a BAD thing?)

Transportation Security Agents would no longer be able to grope grandmothers and babies with impunity. Air Traffic Controllers would allow planes to fall from the sky. Cops would have their badges, guns and Tasers® confiscated and Janet Napolitano would be used as a piñata by illegal entrants into the United States crossing an already porous border.

Well, none of it happened. Obama showed he’s a nutcase and America won’t fall because the Nutty Law Professor (who isn’t a law professor) said so.

Ain’t we lucky to have this guy as a “Fearful leader”?

Thanks for listening.



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